1. losta

    Bafana man Steven Pienaar back in Amsterdam!

    61 matches for South Africa, a brilliant carreer in Premier League, Bundesliga and Eredivisie. Now the man is back in Amsterdam. TRainer of youth team Ajax and still playing himself for Amsterdam club (4th division) "SV Robinhood".
  2. carstensdj

    Who here plays Footy (Soccer)?

    So, as the title asks - Who here plays Football (Soccer) and if so, do you play in a league or just for fun? Where do you guys usually play? What boots do you wear? What position do you play?
  3. NeonNinja

    Official Chelsea Supporters' Thread

    PL starts this week. Tomorrow (07 Aug. 2018) we're playing our "first" home game against Lyon under new manager Sarri. Sunday we were humbled against the champions 2-0 in the Community Shield with a subpar squad, other than that an ok'ish Sarri start.
  4. P

    Where are the soccer tables (aka Tatabox, Foosball) in JHB??

    Howsit everyone, Growing up and going to university, a day not playing table soccer was a boring one. It seems that theres no public places to play anymore?? Please share your locations if you know anywhere that houses a foosball table!
  5. M

    Video assistant referee trial targets match-fixing and simulation

    Ifab aims for ‘minimum interference for maximum benefit’ David Elleray says VARs could also help in red-card matters Source
  6. J

    Where to watch Premier League online to avoid expensive DSTV

    Hi guys, Just trying to figure out the best option to watch the Premier League online within forking out DSTV Premium fees or Now TV expensive sports fees? Any ideas?
  7. J

    Shipping from the UK

    Hey guys , I have been interested in getting an original shirt(Chelsea Shirt) from the UK. Anyone done this recently ?? Worth the cost and how long did it take for the stuff to arrive?
  8. P

    Waverly Soccer Tournament 29th Nov.2014 Johannesburg

    Hi guys. Pls share if u know anyone ? WIN BIG! R25 000 In Prize Money To Be Won. Soccer Tournament At Waverly Sports Club This Nov 29. Contact us at contact us page. Fill in the submission form for further details. Or Contact Waverly Sports Club. Ask For Mandy. Or call me...
  9. M

    5 Reasons Why UEFA's Away-Goals Rule Should Be Scrapped

    Source Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  10. A

    I have chrons disease(inflammatory bowel disease)plz read

    hey guys,i have started this thread as i believe chrons disease doesnt get enough exposure.i am 25&was recently diagnosed with chrons disease. Chrons disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease and consists of the following: *chronic inflammation anywhere between the mouth to anus...
  11. W

    Messi - Goals of the tornament - 2014 FIFA World Cup

    My take on goal of the tournament. Doubt anyone will beat this and what makes them even better is that its by the best player in the world!!
  12. D

    No Airtime For NBA

    Firstly I would like to thank DSTV for their contract with NBA to showcase NBA games. However, overall I'm not happy with the service being delivered and I still would prefer for ADSL, than to pay for DSTV :erm: (seven hundred so bucks) AND still catch up on my games (gotta love the net). Not...
  13. G

    sabc sport with no commentary

    Hi guys, I have noticed something odd lately. There are times when matches on SABC tv are broadcast without any commentary. I can hear the sound from the stadium just no commentary. If you listen to the radio especially the cricket game on right now, one can hear the tv guys speaking in the...
  14. C

    The 2013-14 Premier Soccer League thread

    It's that time again, a new season is about to get underway. The season will once again be made up of the 16 ABSA Premiership, the 8 team MTN 8, the 16 team Telkom Knockout (league cup), and 32 team Nedbank Cup (national cup). The 16 teams in the PSL are: Ajax Cape Town Amazulu...
  15. LazyLion

    Police: US Soccer Referee Punched by Teenage Player Dies

    Ricardo Portillo's daughters had begged him to stop refereeing in a Hispanic soccer league because of the growing risk of violence from angry players. Now they're faced with planning his funeral after he succumbed to injuries late Saturday that had put him in a coma for a week since a...
  16. LazyLion

    FIFA Warns South Africa over Government Interference

    FIFA has sent a letter to the South African sports ministry and football association warning against government interference in the sport. FIFA says secretary general Jerome Valcke's letter Thursday to both sports minister Fikile Mbalula and South African Football Association President...
  17. LazyLion

    Bryce Moon Guilty of Culpable Homicide

    Soccer star Bryce Moon was found guilty of culpable homicide in the Randburg Magistrate's Court on Friday, Eyewitness News reported. Magistrate Vincent Pienaar said Moon's version that he was not speeding when the accident happened was false. He pointed out differences with Moon's first...
  18. LazyLion

    FNB Stadium renamed to National Stadium for AFCON The name "National Stadium" will only apply during the AFCON tournament in 2013. Seriously, who gives a crap what it is called? People will still use that name that is most familiar to them.
  19. F

    Barclays Premier League September 2012 – Broadcasting schedule

    Week 5 Saturday, 15-Sep-12 Arsenal vs. Southampton 16:00 -- 18:00 (Kick-off: 16h00) SSM LIVE Manchester United vs. Wigan Athletic 15:50 -- 18:00 (Kick-off: 16h00) SS7 LIVE Norwich City vs. West Ham United 13:00 -- 15:45 (Kick-off: 13h45) SS3/SSM LIVE Queens Park Rangers vs. Chelsea 15:50 --...
  20. C

    The 2013-13 Premier Soccer League thread

    The new season is about to get started, so it's time for a new thread. For those who don't know the PSL season should be* made up of the 16 team league, a top 8 cup, a 16 team league cup, and a 32 team national cup. The 16 teams making up the PSL this season are: Ajax Cape Town Amazulu...