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  1. DhireshD

    Upcoming Sony Flagship

    Hey... Does anyone know what to expect from Sony in terms of their latest flagship model in Q3-4 2018, I have an Xperia Z3 and have skipped the last few models waiting for their attempt at a better screen to body ratio. I'm starting to grow impatient as my current device has survived over 4...
  2. saynothing

    Battery replacement for Sony Xperia Z3

    Hey guys, any suggestions where I can get a replacement battery for my old Sony Z3? I found a place that wants to charge R500, just wondering if there is anything cheaper? I'm in Bryanston, JHB
  3. T

    Buying a phone from Amazon

    Hi. I just wanted to find out if anyone has bought a phone from recently and what their experience was. Looking at a phone that is about R700 cheaper on Amazon, even after adding in import fees, and shipping and handling. So has anyone bought a phone? Did you have any issues with...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Sony Xperia E4 unveiled

    Sony Xperia E4 unveiled Sony has reveled the latest model in its Xperia range – the E4
  5. F

    Best Smartphones and Tablets November - 2014

    Check out this link
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Sony can’t call Xperia Z1 “waterproof”: ASA

    Sony can’t call Xperia Z1 “waterproof”: ASA The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled against Sony Mobile SA over its “waterproof” Xperia Z1 smartphone
  7. SmellyCelly

    Covers for Sony Xperia Z2?

    Does anyone know where to get covers for the Sony Xperia Z2? Even online? Can't seem to find online or in any Vodacom/Cellc stores etc? Thanks
  8. SmellyCelly

    How breakable is the Sony Xperia Z2?

    How breakable is the Sony Xperia Z2 in comparison with the iPhone 5? Does anyone know? I've had so many screens cracked with iPhone and I want to move over to Sony soon, but I am not sure how they fair in the break-ability contest :P Also, does anyone know how much an Xperia screen costs to fix...
  9. SmellyCelly

    Sony Xperia Z2 - when will contracts be available?

    I am dying to get the Sony Xperia Z2. I am currently on prepaid with my cracked screen iPhone and waiting patiently. Does anyone know when it will be available on contract? I am wondering if it's worth just taking a contract out on the Sony Xperia Z1... i still find it to be more...
  10. jes

    FNB smartphone deals get Sony Xperia devices

    FNB smartphone deals get Sony Xperia devices Sony Mobile South Africa has announced a partnership with First National Bank
  11. J

    Sony 2013 phablet rumours

    Sony’s 2013 device rumours Alleged specs and details on Sony’s 2013 flagship devices make an appearance
  12. J

    Sony Odin rumoured to feature 5-inch display

    Sony Odin details leak out Alleged details for a new flagship phone from Sony appear online
  13. J

    Sony tablets will not compete in price-race

    Sony not competing in tablet price-race A Sony executive revealed that the company will not be focusing on delivering competitive prices against the cheaper tablets in the market
  14. QuintonB

    Latest Sony Xperia Android range revealed

    Sony Xperia NXT-series Android smartphones unveiled Sony Mobile Communications announced its latest Xperia Android devices at Mobile World Congress
  15. QuintonB

    Sony unveils four new Xperia smartphones

    Sony introduces four new Xperia smartphones Sony has unveiled four new Xperia smartphones at CES 2012