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    My broadband speed test results

    Check out my broadband speed test results....
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    Speed Test

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    Speed test

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    Broadband Speed Test Battle

    http://netgauge.ookla.com/share/290160751.png Download Speed - 51.83 Mbps Upload Speed- 57.74 Mbps
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    Work ADSL speed test 10meg line

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    Test conducted on Thu Oct 11 2012 19:28:20 GMT+0200 (South Africa Standard Time) Download Speed: 911 kbps (113.9 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 402 kbps (50.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 242 ms isp: Telkom ADSL 1Mbps
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    Slow Computer

    Hi I have a problem with my laptop,everytime I connect to the internet after few mins or secs it freezes,I scanned it,tried online virus scan with reputable security softwares,tried claning registry but the problem persist,what could be the problem? I tried various registry cleaners your...
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    Data speeds in Rooihuiskraal (Centurion)

    Hi Looking at the coverage map, I'm more or less within the outer rim of the coverage area. I've previously gotten connection speeds of about 0.35Mbps. I'm currently getting between 0.07Mbps and 0.10Mbps. These bad data speeds have been going on for a couple of months already. I used to...
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    Speed Test

    I was very surprised as I am out on a farm and mainly have EDGE - 1.6Mbs Down and 2.0 upload - Vodacom 3G/HSPa:)
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    Web Africa vs Telkom vs Mweb uncapped

    Ok... I have internet accounts with 3 ISP's and decided to do some tests. Tests were done from a Cape Town base on a 4Mb/s line with a Belkin router. Also note tests were done on a public holiday around 4pm the afternoon. Pls note that I did only one test of each type for every provider. I...
  11. cryptic1


    I've complained in the past, ranted & was somewhat unhappy. I'm eating humble pie of late as firstly IDM is working perfectly again and secondly my speeds are back to decent and I have absolutely no complaints. There's the occassional disconnect which is normal as after all this is wireless. My...
  12. rrh

    Help requested: download speed weirdness ...

    Hi – I am experiencing a weird problem when attempting to download. I have a 4Mb ADSL line and live within one kilometer of the Parkview exchange. When I run a speed test (e.g. speedtest.net) I generally receive a report saying that I should achieve a download speed of around 3Mb...
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    Test (off-peak): IS Fibre Semi-shaped vs. SAIX Shaped

    Axxess IS Fibre Semi-shaped vs. Web Africa SAIX Shaped (at an off-peak time)... FIGHT! SAIX ---- IS FIBRE SEMI-SHAPED ---- ***Round 1: IS WIN!*** Local Performance (Downstream speed / Upstream speed)... I am in Sandton, Johannesburg SAIX ---- Speedtest to JHB...
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    Vodacom Speed Test & Results: speed.vodacom.co.za & speedtest.net

    Hi Forumites!!! There are many members that wonder how their Vodacom Wireless connection performs in comparison with other Wireless Broadband users. If you have some spare time please do the Telkom speed test and give your area and tower you logon to, aslo state if you are using GPRS, EDGE or...