1. S

    Nokia Speedstick

    I went to cellc website and found nokia speedstick software no more(available) and also how can I use the dongle in a virtual machine? :confused:
  2. jes

    Warning: fraud occurring on Cell C data packages

    Warning: fraud occurring on Cell C data packages Cell C’s data users have been the victims of fraud, with the mobile giant admitting that it had to suspend affected data customers’ accounts to prevent further bandwidth being stolen. Update Article clarifying the situation with statement from...
  3. C

    Cell C 21mbps Black "ZTE" Speedstick Questions

    Hi. I have a black cell-c speedstick on the Woosh deal. I have a few questions regarding it. First, how do I identify it? The only identifying mark is a little blue sticker with the letters "ZTE" printed on it, under the sim-card. (I have no access to a Linux box so my usual hardware...
  4. O

    Is there a latency issue with voip and the speed stick?

    Hi there, I am moving a new office in Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town and I want to know if I can use a Cell C Speedstick for my VOIP phone calls. I am a sales rep so constantly on the phone from my office so I can't have any downtime. Does anyone know if there is a latency issue with...
  5. M

    NO APPLE MAC driver on new Cell C ZTE MF190 Speedstick

    [SOLVED] NO APPLE MAC driver on new Cell C ZTE MF190 Speedstick OK, So I got my new ZTE MF 190 modem and looking at the box says in plain black bold ink 'System Requirements' "MAC OS X". Plug it in and no drivers and no mount :confused: Had a look on the mounted Speedstick on my Linux box and...
  6. S

    Use speedstick for cellphone calls

    Hi everyone, I recently discovered that one can make phonecalls and a few other things with the 'speedstick'. Here's a link: (Disclaim: it refers to my website) http://supernev.co.za/?p=193
  7. R

    CELL C SPEEDSTICK FAIL!!! - Paulshof, Sandton

    I purchased the 60GB bundle (5GB per month) on the 20th November and the first day I began using it, I noticed that the connection would change from HSPA+ to WCDMA and my connection would drop everytime this happened. Eventually I got used to it for some odd reason because I liked the spped I...
  8. PhreakBoy

    Difficulty in taking Cell C Data contract for company

    I phoned the Cell C call centre this morning in order to enquire with regards to the documents required to take out the R149 Data Contract in the business name. They advised that I need: * 3 month bank statements (only have 2 as company only started trading in Sept) * My ID * CK docs * Proof of...
  9. T

    Is the 21.6mbps speed stick really worth R1 000 extra?

    what do you guys think? it looks like the speeds on cell c 3G are between 5-10mbps so shouldn't a 7.2mbps speed stick be adequate? i think the latency is going to be similar no matter what speed modem you use (with regards to gaming). it would be cool if cell c allowed you the option of...