1. Chris

    Stripe is now the most valuable US payments startup

    Stripe is now the most valuable US payments startup Stripe Inc.’s valuation almost tripled in less than a year to $95 billion with its latest funding round, making it the most valuable U.S. startup. The online payments processing company drew $600 million in its latest fundraising, Stripe said...
  2. C

    Online Marketing Case Study Ideas ?

    Hello I'm starting a new website which is solely based on online marketing which is aimed to look in depth of how to market online and how to utilize the Internet to expand your ventures online. And I'm conducting research to discover exactly what people want to know about Internet/Online...
  3. R

    Independent review and audit for new companies

    I just recently registered a company at the CIPC. Now, for the first year or so I would probably be the only employee, the managing director, the public officer, etc. (basically it will be a one man show). I've done some research and I found that the company will probably need an independent...
  4. H

    Considering using i-Pay payment gateway for my new startup. Any advice to share ?

    Hi Awesome people! I am setting up an eCommerce website, and am looking for a payment gateway system that meets all the obvious checks (safe, secure, instant notifications, easy to use, reliable, supported), but at the same time is the cheapest option :D Some reviews recommended MonsterPay...
  5. C

    Taking an idea from the ground to product

    Hi I was wondering if there are anybody who could give advice on how to take from an idea and get it produced. What would the starting point be, who do I talk to, to get designs, costs and manufacturing. I would love to do it myself but since it is electronics and I assume the biggest part...
  6. H

    Do I need a license/permit to sell homemade beverages and food items ?

    Hi! I want to launch my micro business sideline where I sell homemade beverages and condiments. Can anyone advise if a license/permit is required for micro start-ups ? Many thanks!
  7. H

    New online store startup - Economical Payments widget eg. Thawte, Paypal etc.?

    Hi guys! I am investigating setting up an online store and would like to know if anybody can advise on the most economical and safe payments systems for my website ? Does anybody with an online store make use of order forms and email confirmation of payment etc. instead of online payment...
  8. P

    Should I register a business?

    Hi. I have a daytime job but will start doing after hours IT support for another company soon. It will probably only be a couple of hours a month. Should I register a CC or something else or is it possible to be employed by two companies? I have no real experience with tax so please bear...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    South African startup included in US accelerator

    South African startup included in US accelerator One South African startup has hit the accelerator jackpot by being the first to be included in the US-based 500 Start-ups accelerator.
  10. gideonel

    Automatic restore point - Scripting

    Can anyone give me some guidance and\or advice please? I used to have a script which I included in my startup folder. This script would create a automatic restore point, everytime I start my desktop up. As time goes by, I've lost the script and tried re-writing it, but without success. I...
  11. R

    Founder seeking an investor

    Hi myBBers It's Siya here. I am the founder of a startup business called MediProsper. What this company is about is that it aims to provide IT services to improve the healthcare industry by using the power of the internet and more to achieve this. I am currently one guy, and have the company...
  12. B

    New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback

    [Intro] New Cape Town Startup Looking For Feedback Aweh My name is Ruark and I'm one of the founders. We're a startup based out of Cape Town, South Africa who recently were accepted into the Google/Samsung backed 88MPH accelerator program. We're a mobile app that borrows a little...
  13. O

    CTO / Developer

    Have you ever wanted to be a part of a startup? Take charge of your career and have fun building a business that you will be proud of? If so, then that opportunity is here! We’re looking for a CTO/developer with ambition and vision to join us to help shape and grow our business. Who are we...
  14. NomNom

    Post Your Boot Time

    So I was thinking of starting a "fun" and interesting thread on how long it takes your pc/lappy to bootup. Now I'm talking about from the second you press the power button to fully loaded and ready to rock. Your pc/lappy can NOT be in sleep/hibernation, it must be a "Cold Start". Here's mine...
  15. redarrow

    Starting an app on startup without root privledges

    This is really giving me a headache.. :( I have a simple linux box which I'm using as a server. It's running Fedora 8 and does not use X, basically I just log in with ssh to make any system changes I need. Now my big problem: I'm trying to use it to run a Dc++ client like a server, I'm...
  16. N : SMS vehicle log book launches.

    Hey guys. Just created a simple SMS log book application. Please give me as much feedback and suggestions as possible. Its just a beta release!