streaming device

  1. PhreakBoy

    Google account details and Streaming devices?

    What is everyone else doing regarding Google account details and streaming devices? Do you use your primary Google account or have you created a secondary? What are the potential risks? My concern is with regards to logging into my Google account on the streaming device for the house /...
  2. Michaelbro

    Need help choosing a media Device

    Hi everyone. Looking for a media device that can run Netfix ,shomax , Dstv now ,and even Amazon tv . what devices to you suggest? what set up do you run ? Options I have considered : Chromecast , Firestick, Rouku
  3. blackguyza

    "Your phone/tablet has a security risk"

    Hi everybody I am getting an error message that "Your phone/tablet has a security risk" when trying to install GetBlack app from Android Play Store. I am using "amlogic MXQPRO 4K" android device? What do I need to change on my device to get Black working? has my device been infected with a...
  4. M

    Roku 3 Repairs

    Good day. Does anybody know where one can send a faulty ROKU 3 unit for repairs? I'm based in Durban but don't mind posting it nationally to be repaired. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks :D