1. M

    Oxford to ban fetish orgies

    Oxford to ban fetish orgies ‘where virgins are whipped and students watch live sex shows’
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    The message to white students in South Africa

    The message to white students in South Africa A video and voice note from #FeesMustFall protesters place white university students in their cross hairs.
  3. RyanBrothwell

    Several injured as armed security guards clash at Walter Sisulu University

    A clash between private and striking campus security guards broke out at the Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha on Wednesday, resulting in several injuries. Police said a stray bullet hit a student on the hand during the clash. "The information we received was that the group of security...
  4. J

    opinions on after school lessons

    Hi all. My first time posting on this but I have a question I would appreciate opinions on. For a number of reasons pupils are aiming to achieve acceptable marks at school, mainly Grades 10, 11 and 12. With the current educational disputes taking place, is made difficult for them to do so...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Punish students for what they say online

    Punish students for what they say online A coalition of advocacy groups in the United States wants colleges to block certain websites and punish students for what they say online.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Students are more tech savvy, but does it really help them?

    Students are more tech savvy, but does it really help them? The 2015 Student Tech Survey shows that students are tech savvy, but it also means their smartphones are more important than studying
  7. F

    Student or voluntary writers looking to build a portfolio maybe?

    Hello! I hope that I'm allowed to post this here... I've got this blog/magazine type website where I just post random stuff. I'm looking for student writers or just voluntary writers who would like to build up a portfolio? I've currently got the following categories on my website...
  8. B

    Hilarious video made by a couple JHB students

    Hey all!! Check out this video we made in efforts to win a fully paid trip to Rage Festival 2013
  9. NeonNinja

    100,000 ghost pupils in EC

    Today in The Herald:
  10. NeonNinja

    Walter Sisulu University students asked to vacate

    Notice on Facebook: Varsity serves tens of thousands of students. This has been met by an outroar from the students for such a short notice.
  11. NeonNinja

    How students can make cents these days?

    Well, got a lot of free time in my hands. What are ways in which one can make cents? 20 year old 2nd year I.T student. Out of 5 week days I only attend 3 1/2 full days. Have techy knowledge (expired A+ & N+, got 70-640 + 70-680). Can do graphic design (Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc), and of course...
  12. LazyLion

    Teacher filmed beating pupil

    An Eastern Cape teacher has been filmed beating a Grade 10 pupil, the Dispatch Online reported on Wednesday. She and the rest of the class were beaten with a stick when they failed to produce maths homework on May 8, the pupil at Ndabankulu Senior Secondary School, in Butterworth, told the...
  13. LazyLion

    Big Bucks, No Bang, DA tells Motshekga

    Despite an education budget of billions, the system does not work, the DA told Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga on Tuesday. Speaking in the National Assembly during debate on Motshekga's budget vote, Democratic Alliance MP Annette Lovemore said the situation in public education could...
  14. LazyLion

    Education Department in Breach of Court: Section27

    The basic education department is in breach of a court order regarding textbook delivery, civil rights group Section27 said on Thursday. In April the group visited 19 schools in Limpopo. Of these, nine reported significant shortages of CAPS textbooks for Grade one to six and 10 to 11, it said...
  15. LazyLion

    Violence in Schools Worrying: CJCP

    One in five secondary school pupils has experienced some form violence while at school, the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention (CJCP) said on Wednesday. "This translates to just over a million learners across the country," CJCP research director Lezanne Leoschut said in Johannesburg...
  16. LazyLion

    Second Chance for Disgraced Medical Students

    Two KwaZulu-Natal medical students who were expelled from Cuba for demanding better meals and a 300 percent increase in spending money are expected to get a second chance, the Mercury newspaper reported on Thursday. According to the report, one of the students will return to Cuba while...
  17. LazyLion

    Motshekga Mum on Looming Teacher "go-slow"

    Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has opted to remain silent on a looming go-slow by teachers. "The minister will not comment on the matter," her spokeswoman Hope Mokgatlhe said in an sms on Monday. The SA Democratic Teachers' Union (Sadtu) said on Monday its members would embark on...
  18. LazyLion

    Kimberley Uni to Open in 2014

    The first university in the Northern Cape should open its doors in 2014, the higher education department said this week. The legal process for getting the university off the ground was advanced after a record of intention was signed by various officials in Kimberley on Tuesday. "This will...
  19. LazyLion

    ANC: UKZN Must Accomodate Students

    The ANC on Monday called on the University of KwaZulu-Natal to arrange accommodation for students left with no shelter in Durban during the weekend. "Failure by any institution of higher education to keep students accommodated at all times can have serious consequences," provincial spokesman...