swimming pool

  1. S

    Reduce size of swimming pool

    Hi I am considering buying a property but my only concern is the swimming pool is massive and I would like to get it reduced otherwise solar heating and maintenance is going to be a killer. Is it possible to reduce a pool and what costs am I looking at to reduce it to 6x3. See pic attached of...
  2. The_Potty_1

    Draining the swamp?

    OK it wasn't a swamp, it was just a bit green. Yeesh, let me start again. So, my pool is a constant trial. The main problem is the tree next to it, which produces thousands of pulpy berries, they hang down in clusters around 8cm long and 3cm wide, and one on its own can immobilise a kreepy...
  3. B

    Water delivery service in east rand?

    We needed to carry out repairs on our swimming pool and this will be complete in a week or two's time. After that it will need to be filled as we do not want the marbalite to crack. Having the current water restrictions in place we would pay a fine of around R6700 by filling it with the...
  4. Q

    Building a squash court

    We are thinking of constructing a squash court and an ECO swimming pool on the residential property we are in the process of purchasing...Does anyone have any idea of a rough estimate, costs involved, in constructing these 2? (:sick:Lol, id assume it would be a standard one...just saw something...
  5. M

    New pool owner in need of some help please

    Hello there, I moved into my first house last week and am now the proud owner of a huge 70 000 liter swimming pool that I have absolutely no idea how to look after. Can anyone please help me with the following: 1. What is your pool cleaning routine? What do you do and how often do you...
  6. Newyork

    Swimming Pool Help

    Hi One day when I got home I noticed there was an AA battery lying on the floor of my pool. It probably fell in there (I have no idea how this happened). Anyway, it has left some type of brownish stain in the area it fell (battery acid obviously leaked). My question is: a) How do I...