1. N

    Google's Secret Weapon: Webtop

    Exciting stuff Meet Google's secret weapon for fighting Apple and Microsoft
  2. QuintonB

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 devices revealed

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 devices unveiled Samsung have introduced the 7-inch and 10-inch models of its new tablet range at Mobile World Congress
  3. M

    CyanogenMod 9 for tablets could boast cool multitasking feature called Cornerstone

  4. M

    Exynos 5250 SoC goes into mass production in Q2, tablets get it first

  5. QuintonB

    Increase in Multi-tablet households expected in 2012

    Multi-tablet households to rise in 2012 – study Close to 5% of tablets sold in 2012 will likely be to individuals or households that already own a tablet – worth billions in revenue, according to Deloitte.
  6. Jan

    Tablet PCs still making their way to SA in 2011

    Tablet PCs still coming to SA in 2011 The “year of the tablet” is in full swing and though many iPad 2 competitors have already been launched in SA there are even more on the way.
  7. Jan

    Asus Eee Pad Slider launches in South Africa

    Asus Eee Pad Slider in SA A new Android tablet PC from Asus with a slide-out keyboard hits South Africa.
  8. A

    Why the Android, Windows & Apple Tablets so different

    Wasn't too sure about where to ask this questions, so please feel free to move it to appropriate section. Why is it that Windows tablets doesn't even come close to the specs of the Android or iPad tablets? And before you starting bashing Microsoft, remember manufacturers make the tablets, not...
  9. jes

    Tablets threaten e-readers

    Tablets threaten e-readers Gartner predicts rising e-reader sales despite competition from tablet PCs
  10. P

    McNab's Energy Tabs

    Has anyone tried these? I bought some gonna try tomorrow see if they make a difference.