1. Kevin Lancaster

    Smartphone data use on the rise

    Massive increase in smartphone data use Vodacom has reported an 18.4% increase in data revenue, driven by more smartphones on the network and more data being used by smartphone owners
  2. jes

    Winners and a loser in the computing device war

    Winners and a loser in the computing device war Vodacom’s latest active data devices statistics shows a trend which bodes well for tablets and smartphones, but not for laptops
  3. jes

    Microsoft to offer Windows for free on phones, tablets

    Windows goes free for phone and tablet makers Microsoft will give away its Windows operating system to makers of smartphones and small tablets as it seeks to counter the massive success of Google’s free Android platform.
  4. B

    As Promised, 7" Tablet Special for this Week Only! (only valid till 01/24/2014)

    7" Tablet Specials for this week(only valid till 01/24/2014) Discount Code is: BT3472 PRICES ONLY VALID IF DISCOUNT CODE IS PROVIDED These prices are VAT exclusive Follow the link to view our range of Specials : More Specials Behemoth Technology For further information regarding these...
  5. B

    5% off ALL Phones & Tablets - TODAY ONLY

    Quick heads up to everybody, we're running a Halloween special TODAY ONLY! All phones and tablets on our site will be discounted by 5% using the coupon code: ha11ow33n Great opportunity to net yourself a few hundred bucks off the new device you've been wanting. Check out our...
  6. NeonNinja

    Edgars/JET tablets heads up

    So just popped into my local Edgars & Jet. And here the cheap tablets they currently have: Alcatel One Touch T10 (one Esquire sells for R799). Alcatel ONE TOUCH T10, 7'', Capacitive touch Screen, TFT display, 800 x 480, 16:9, Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, Rockchip RK2918, 1GHz Cortex A8, 1...
  7. B

    U.K. sourced Samsung Galaxy Note 8" How to comply with ICASA Bandwidth

    My children in the UK have bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8" 3G + WiFi as a birthday present. Pretty awful if I tell them I cant accept it . How can I bring it back to SA and make it Bandwidth compliant. Any Hope ? My old Tab GT-P1000 7" works fine in Europe.
  8. QuintonB

    Tablets in India to double in 2013

    Tablets to boom in India Sales of tablet computers in India are expected to at least double this year to 6 million
  9. J

    Acer delays Windows RT tablets

    Acer Windows RT tablets delayed Acer delays Windows RT tablets in fear of Microsoft’s Surface tablet hitting the market
  10. J

    E-readers could play second-fiddle to tablets

    E-reader future in question As tablet continue to grow in popularity, e-readers find themselves heading towards a shelfbound future
  11. J

    Microsoft Surface beats iPad display quality

    Microsoft: Surface trumps iPad display quality Microsoft engineers chime in on the display prowess of the upcoming Surface tablet
  12. J

    The boom of mobile means the future of PC is uncertain

    As mobile rises, PC future uncertain As the usage and popularity of mobile devices grow, the future of PCs becomes increasingly murky
  13. J

    Boksburg school swaps books for tablets

    SA school swaps books for tablets A Boksburg school has traded textbooks for tablets in an attempt to embrace an “e-school” mentality
  14. QuintonB

    What are the cheapest tablets to buy?

    Cheapest tablets you can buy We all know about the iPad, the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy tab, but what about the world’s cheapest tablets?
  15. J

    Intel looking into tablet and phone market

    Intel looking into mobile market Intel is seeking software experts to focus on developing for tablets amidst the growing demand for the devices
  16. J

    Apes take a liking to tablet apps

    Apps for Apes brings tablets to primates Apes have taken a liking to stimulating apps, after tablets have been incorporated into primates’ activities.
  17. J

    Samsung gets favour in German court over tablet war

    Samsung gets foot-up in tablet war German court upholds ruling in on-going Apple vs. Samsung tablet battle
  18. J

    Analysts see bright future for tablet development

    Tablet future: “flexible and foldable” Analysts and industry insiders express ambitious future of tablets
  19. QuintonB

    Survey shows tablets overtaking notebooks by 2016

    Tablets to overtake notebooks by 2016 – survey Tablet computers are expected to overtake notebook PCs by 2016 as consumers shift to newer devices like the Apple iPad, a survey said Tuesday.
  20. jes

    Smartphone and tablet PC usage in South Africa: Kalahari survey

    Smartphone and tablet PC usage in South Africa: Kalahari survey Kalahari has revealed the results of its tablet and smartphone survey among online shoppers