1. Syntech

    Syntech Distribution

    Who We Are Syntech is a technology company that sources and distributes industry leading products from around the world. We work with key resellers to deliver solutions that add value to the market and enable them to win. "We exist to enrich the lives of Africa through innovation and...
  2. Dimagi

    Dimagi is Hiring for Applications Engineer!

    Dimagi is looking for an Applications Engineer to join our New Delhi, India or Cape Town, South Africa team. We are a small and growing social enterprise with offices around the world. Our systems are deployed globally, including in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States. We offer a...
  3. Dimagi

    Dimagi (Cape Town) is Hiring for Technical Project Manager!

    Organization Description Founded out of Harvard and MIT in 2002, Dimagi is an award-winning global technology company with a focus on impact that delivers open source technology to help underserved communities in over 50 countries around the world. Job Description Dimagi is looking for an...
  4. Xplod

    Google Pixel

    Why isn't the Pixel not getting shipped in South Africa though? What are the exact reasons? Must have missed the post but it's really frustrating!
  5. B

    Online store that might be useful in the future.

    Failure Thread xD -closed-
  6. N

    Unpopular Opinion

    I know that there is more support for the "Anti" Apple/iPhone team than the "Pro" but I'm gonna give my honest opinion and that is, Apple provides good products (except their chargers). The MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone are good quality. But that's just my opinion
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Which skills are becoming obsolete thanks to advancements in technology?

    Which skills are becoming obsolete thanks to advancements in technology? For example, is there a point to learning more than one language, when translation software lets us communicate across language barriers? What about learning to read a map or writing by hand - do Google Maps and...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Best-paid Chief Technology Officers in South Africa

    Best-paid Chief Technology Officers in South Africa Chief Technology Officers can earn big salaries, with some of them taking home millions each year.
  9. vorman

    New Member Introduction

    Well, my BB asked me to introduce myself here., and here i am. New member from Cape Town. Interested in all things Tech. Regards,
  10. Zoomzoom

    What is wrong with SA businesses?

    After several weeks of searching online for stuff relating to renovating a house I can state unequivocally and without fear of contradiction that South African businesses are in the dark ages. 1. IF <and that is a giant big IF> they even have a website - they don't have any prices. Newsflash...
  11. J

    Newest member of the family

    Hi guys, I have finally joined the "" family. Landed on this forum many times before. Today I wanted to know where to go and/or who to contact to get a "Apostille". I am looking for someone who does English to Czech translations. My partner is from the Czech Republic. We have...
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    The most hyped technologies around the world

    The most hyped technologies in the world Gartner’s 2015 hype cycle for emerging technologies identifies the computing innovations that organisations should watch.
  13. B

    New Apple iPad range @ Behemoth Technology! (low pricing)

    B-Technology has just added a range of new Apple products to the online store! Apple iPad Air 2 Apple iPad Mini 3 View all our Apple products here: Apple Products and Accessories or Check out our site on for more great deals on our technology range! All-In-One...
  14. T

    Hello from Tech Support

    Tech Support is a technology support company. We supply IT Support to the Business, Schools and Home market. We have been active in the Western cape since 2008. Our services are available in The Helderberg region, Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay, Cape Wine lands, Stellenbosch, Northern...
  15. M

    Ruby on Rails dev

    If anyone knows of a ruby on rails developer looking for the opportunity to work with a well funded, fast moving start-up please drop me a message. Equity is on offer so it's a real sweet deal. We work on really exciting stuff, nothing boring or ordinary. Besides for equity comes exposure...
  16. Rouxenator

    Old Concept Cars

    Stumbled upon this site while trying to show someone the Ford Probe III on which the Sierra was based. Must be one of the most complete sources of concept cars from all manufacturers. Really worth a visit :
  17. W

    What should I study? What I want to study has been discontinued ;-)

    I recently applied to study for the ITM degree at UNISA only to be told its been discontinued. I want to study IT Management. I live in Cape Town. Part time,distance learning or evening classes... Can be a degree but prefer a short 1 - 2 year course that may or may not count towards...
  18. V

    IT Project that would greatly aid South-Africa?

    We all know that South-Africa is a bit behind the main overseas countries, but slowly we are progressing to a more advanced level as we catch up with the other countries by learning from them and creating our own innovations. I have been assigned to do a research project about a system...
  19. T

    [The Register] What did the Romans ever do for us? Packet switching.

    Quite an interesting read here : TL;DR warning though :p
  20. B

    July First Week 5% Off Special

    FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF JULY ONLY 5% Off ALL Televisions and Home Theatre Systems Brands include Samsung, Sony and LG For Televisions!/~/category/id=5918748&offset=0&sort=priceAsc For Home Theatre...