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Aug 22, 2018
Who We Are

Syntech is a technology company that sources and distributes industry leading products from around the world. We work with key resellers to deliver solutions that add value to the market and enable them to win.

"We exist to enrich the lives of Africa through innovation and technology."


Our Core Values

Commitment to Innovation
We believe in driving change and refining our processes. In a world where change is inevitable, and technology is at the forefront of development, innovation is what keeps us ahead.

Thirst for Learning
We believe in humility, remaining open to criticism, constantly identifying opportunities to improve, exploring new trends and looking to the market for feedback.

Appreciation of Excellence
We take the time to admire and celebrate great work. This can take the form of the latest ground-breaking technology, operational excellence in a team member or a novel idea that gets us to think differently.

Honourable Candour
Our culture and integrity are preserved by our core values; this depends on trust, transparency and honesty. We hold each other accountable to the principles that define us.

Markets and Industries

Focussed on consumer electronics, many of our brands have demand in both consumer facing and commercial markets. We have developed teams and systems that effectively cater for B2C and B2B requirements. As consumer electronics have become more widely adopted into various industries, our target customers have expanded beyond only traditional ICT companies. We have segmented our product range to provide focussed solutions to specific markets, as markets develop, the ranges and products continue to evolve.


Mass Retailers
Traditional brick and mortar retail stores which target consumers and small business. This channel is well suited for mature products that are familiar to consumers. We have a dedicated team that supplies stock, training and merchandising to every individual store for maximum sell through.

Online Retailers
Syntech has very strong relationships with all major online retailers. Boasting industry leading e-commerce support, we provide our resellers with rich listing information, XML stock feed integration and suggested stock replenishment orders.

Independent Retailers
Syntech works closely with smaller retail stores and chains that differentiate themselves by offering more personalised service, unique products and niche solutions to smaller market segments.

Value Added Resellers (VARs)
These customers have a keen understanding of the specific requirements for large corporate and government. We work closely with VARs to provide education on new technology and deploy solutions that will add value to their customers.

Channel Resellers
These are tech savvy companies that offer service and support to the market on electronics. Services include installation, maintenance and technical support. Syntech’s range of components and accessories compliment these services and allow channel resellers to deliver turnkey services.

How We Add Value

We are passionate about identifying new markets and building relationships with appropriate reseller partners that can deliver value into these markets. We support our reseller network with market development activities, lead generation, training, sales assistance, local stock and excellent warranty support. This strategy has helped the company and its partners to realise exponential growth as many of the products in our portfolio have evolved through their respective life cycles.


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Become a Reseller

Detailed product information, case studies and marketing material are compiled and shared freely with our resellers in order to add value to the channel. Our product specialists work closely with resellers to develop solutions that assist with the sales process. Every reseller has a dedicated account manager to ensure accountability, excellent response times and a personal interaction with our clients.

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The Syntech Journey

We currently have over 4,000 engaged resellers across Sub-saharan Africa and warehousing facilities in Midrand and Cape Town.


Key Brands

Some of our key brands include:
  • Romoss
  • Giada
  • Micron (Crucial & Ballistix)
  • Redragon
  • Orico
  • Sparkfox
  • Antec
For a full list of our brands, please head to our website:

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out directly should you have any queries (or alternatively reply in this thread).

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