1. G

    Missing FUSB port on motherboard

    I've just built my first PC, and have recently purchased the TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth PCIe Adapter. I have an ASUS ROG STRIX H370-F Motherboard, and the Archer is connected to PCIe. The issue here is that for the Bluetooth connection on the...
  2. Damez_Mod

    96 Thread CFD Behemoth

    Hi everyone, As per the suggestion by a comment on our blog post - some of you here might be interested in a build we completed quite recently. Build of the Week: 96 Thread CFD Behemoth - Modena Computers That's "Part 1" if you will. Part 2 which still needs to be posted involves swapping out...
  3. BrainFreeze

    Where to purchase a genuine Dell battery in SA?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know where I can get a genuine Dell battery in South Africa? The laptop I have is a Dell 15.6" Inspiron 5559. I tried searching online, but couldn't find anything. Amazon seems to have generics which I don't feel comfortable purchasing or using. I hope someone here can...
  4. C

    Torx T8 screw purchase

    Good day all I am looking for this specific screw can be a Philips head as well. However needs to be the same size this is for a Xbox 360 controller Size:9.2mm x 4mm x 2mm (Length x Head Diameter x Width) Compatible Models: For Xbox 360 Controller can anyone in Cape Town tell me where i...
  5. P

    Raru site delivery

    Does anybody know if the website Raru delivers after the lockdown was changed to stage 4. They have not yet updates their site and I read that they didn't let some customers know they were not able to deliver during the stage 5 phase of lockdown. I want to buy a motherboard, which means it...
  6. J

    Where to buy computer hardware in SA at low cost

    I have been searching on the web on where to buy computer parts and comparing prices from different vendors. But there are few SA companies i looked at who sells at “wholesale prices” but if i compare to normal retail price there is not much difference. I also registered on the Esquire website...
  7. Bresder

    Maschine studio

    Maschine Studio: Age and condition: 1 year Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Not in use Price: R8500.00 Negotiable: Yes Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng Shipping or collection: Yes
  8. A

    Games has lag spikes

    Hi guys I am having some funny issues with my gaming PC. I played GTA 5 last night and it runs at about 140FPS which is awesome. The issue comes in when I have lag spikes when I am playing and sometimes it freezes for a second or two. Maybe someone here would might know the issue. I will put...
  9. Ryansr

    PC Express / PC International - Best online service ever with next day delivery

    I recently bought a gaming monitor at an excellent price and received it the VERY NEXT DAY! Very positive experience with PC Express! They also trade under PC International with the same product range. I had to use an alternative ordering method via an online quote through email as the website...
  10. Syntech

    Syntech Distribution

    Who We Are Syntech is a technology company that sources and distributes industry leading products from around the world. We work with key resellers to deliver solutions that add value to the market and enable them to win. "We exist to enrich the lives of Africa through innovation and...
  11. Ryansr

    Raru item return complaint

    I am having a problem with Raru.co.za that is not honoring my item return that was logged on 27 November 2018 and their courier has been sent several times to my address according to the Raru Customer Services emails to collect the packaged item but the courier have not arrived on those two...
  12. P

    New Mac Mini Memory Upgrade?

    I custom ordered a new Mac Mini recently, but I skipped on upping the memory seeing that the Apple prices are ridiculous. I only have 8Gb but want to upgrade it to 32Gb. I'm pretty sure Digicape and Apple will still overcharge like crazy. Can anyone recommend a (Mac hardware) place where I can...
  13. S

    Eaton UPS 9130 700VA to 3 kVA

    Hi guys I just received 3 Eaton 9130 UPS new in the box just the batteries im thinking what can I do with this since I don't have the main unit of the device. Hmm any suggestions? Just want do something with it but not sure what. Of is it just to be used as batteries? Thanks a mil
  14. D

    Microsoft Surface Hub

    Hi all does anyone have any information on the MS surface Hub and why it is not in SA yet? any info insider or otherwise would be very helpful
  15. J

    Does your primary PC or laptop run off an HDD or SSD?

    Do you have an HDD or an SSD in your primary PC/laptop?
  16. M

    PC Hardware dealers on forum

    I used to use PostmanPot but the man is hard to come by. I need to set up a PC for my family and am looking for someone who does this. I don't want to have to order several components and assemble (schlep). Am looking for someone to do this for me. Who else on the forum does this? Many...
  17. J

    5 hardware specifications to check when you buy a smartphone

    5 hardware specifications to check when you buy a smartphone When you want to check how powerful the device is, these are good indicators to examine.
  18. G

    Evetech disaster. Don't ever buy from them.

    Bought graphics card from them that conked out 4 weeks later. They've had it now 'at the supplier' for nearly 4 weeks but can't give me cause and proposed resolution, or a date. I've mailed, called, been to the shop, no movement. A technician offered a refund which I accepted, his manager now...
  19. S

    Could someone please help me price a computer

    Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Case - Antek 1200 PSU - Corsair CP-9020051-WW VS650 650W Desktop Power Supply Storage - 2 x Seagate 1TB Desktop HDD SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive (ST1000DM003) RAM - 8GB DDR3 GPU - MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X 4GB CPU - Intel(R)...
  20. S

    ASUS UX303UB - Ubuntu Technician Needed For Hardware Support

    Hi All, I need a Ubuntu technician based in Johannesburg or Pretoria to help me install the necessary drivers to support my hardware. My battery could last 8 hours on Windows but only 3 hours on Ubuntu at the beginning and now it's only 40 minutes. I have had this laptop for less than a year...