1. K

    Best value adsl for gaming

    Hey guys, I'm staying in Claremont, Cape Town, and I'm a gamer, or try to be one. The thing is, playing online is laggy. I'm paying R899 for mweb's 10mbps + R206 for Telkom's landline monthly and it just isn't enough, for starters, mweb sucks, according to online tests the speed is usually...
  2. J

    Streetfighter x Tekken

    When did this happen? How did I miss this:cry: Thank you Namco. Thank you Capcom.:D:D:D OMG I shed tears today. Tears of Joy.:love:
  3. K

    Tekken 6

    It get's released today.. i've preordered for PS3, can't wait to go pick it up.. Who else is as excited as me??? :cool: