1. S

    Calls from telemarketers wanting to sell you a trading software.

    Yesterday I received a strange phone call which I realised was a scam/spam along the way. It involved this guy who somehow got my info (I know it happens a lot, but still) and saw I was trading on a trading website. Now I'll be honest, the phone call was annoying and loud, and the person was...
  2. I

    Solutions - Gumtree Scams and Telemarketers

    I use the app "Should I Answer?". It's free. Everytime I get a call from a scammer, I add a review of the phone number and block calls from it. If more people get on this app and do this it could be quite helpful for avoiding Gumtree scammers as well as telemarketers etc. The auto block...
  3. RedViking

    Who is TeleTech?

    I got a call from this number, 0128650090 / +2712 865 0092, says she phones regarding my Absa Credit card and that my card Protection is not activated. I clearly stated to Absa I do not want 3rd parties to phone me. As always, I told them I will go to Absa if I want to change anything. With...
  4. J

    list of telephone/cellular numbers not to answer - SOUTH AFRICA DONT ANSWER

    list of telephone/cellular numbers not to answer calls from - if for my use only it'll suffice, but any other numbers will be appreciated to find it easily , google SOUTH AFRICA DONT ANSWER 0825213683 / +2825213869 - Tele-tech sales - Absa intermediary apparently - telemarketers
  5. S

    "Hold please, I have a call for this number"

    Have just received two calls within the last hour from an unknown number. When I answer the call an automated American female voice says "Hold please, I have a call for this number" .... "Attempting to connect".... it repeats this a few times, then says "I'm sorry, I was unable to connect you...
  6. LazyLion

    @lantic Internet Telemarketers!

    some guy just called me on my cell from a really crappy line. He said he was from @lantic and they are promoting Vox. I asked him where he got my number and he said from a "client database". I have never had any business with @lantic Internet... and I don't appreciate the cold call...
  7. B

    Private Numbers

    Hi there Lately I've been receiving an increased number of "Private Number" calls on my mobile which are terminated by the calling party as soon as I answer. I did not know what to make of this until I heard an explaination that there are computer based diallers trying each number to see if...
  8. W

    Time Share Telemarketers

    Just got another call from the absolutely irritating time share telemarketers... I just love making the call as long as possible and playing along, asking them to spell out the address of their "business" and telling them at the end of the call that I am under age :D Would like to know what...