1. E

    Esquire - Absolutely crazy Black Friday pricing

    Hello All Take advantage of these absolutely crazy Black Friday pricing on range of items such as Notebook, latest Televisions, Gadgets from Esquire as well as products such as Coffee Machines, Blenders, Toasters and many more from our Casey Lifestyle division. To view the Black Friday and...
  2. D

    Televisions and Appliances

    Please feel free to request prices on Televisions and Appliances from me.
  3. Jan

    Samsung curved ultra-high definition TV launched in SA

    Samsung U9000 curved UHD TV launched in SA Samsung South Africa has officially launched its new curved ultra-high definition TV to the South African market.
  4. B

    Special Online Attention

    DON'T GET LEFT IN THE DARK Prices don't seem fair? Delivery fees not clear? Struggling with a decision? We don't have the item you are looking for? It is time for some LIVE answers! We have just implemented our new live online assistance feature. Make a query anytime of the day and we...
  5. B

    July First Week 5% Off Special

    FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF JULY ONLY 5% Off ALL Televisions and Home Theatre Systems Brands include Samsung, Sony and LG For Televisions!/~/category/id=5918748&offset=0&sort=priceAsc For Home Theatre...
  6. jes

    Samsung plans great specials on their TVs

    Samsung plans great specials on their TVs Consumers can look forward to “some aggressive activity on certain models”
  7. QuintonB

    Samsung reveals updated surge-proof TVs

    Surge-proof TV refresh from Samsung LED TVs with “SurgeSafe+” surge protection unveiled
  8. M

    Touchless smartphones and TVs coming in 2012

  9. jes

    Should you buy a TV instead of a computer monitor?

    Should you buy a TV instead of a computer monitor? Many LCD or LED televisions are cheaper per-inch than the equivalent computer monitor. Why is this the case?