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    A "listening" port

    Good day I installed a service on the local server but my clients could not access it (telnet also failed for that port). netstat reveals a number of "listening" ports (telnet successful form client). Can I install my service using one of those ports? Or is it being used by another service...
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    DSL-2750U router - Programming block and allow firewall rules

    Hi Not very good with firewall rules, looks like the 2750U router allows block rules, but cannot see where it has allow rules. Basically want to force all DNS requests coming through the router to OpenDNS, regardless of what DNS server the client PC chooses. OpenDNS says on their website to...
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    Telnet / SSH on Pace 921VNX

    Did anyone have any success accessing Telnet / SSH on this device? I can connect to it, but it won't take my web admin login. Also tried root as username. (with my password and "admin")
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    Windows 8 - Telnet issue on VPN

    Good Day I have 2 PC on my LAN - Windows 7 Pro and a Windows 8 Pro. Now the both of them are on the same network as well as on the same VPN network. Both are successfully connected to the VPN network. The issue is: TELNET: When telnetting from the windows 7 PC to all available addresses...
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    Free or Open Source alternative to HyperTerminal?

    Hi all. Does anyone know of a free and/or open source alternative to HyperTerminal? I am currently using the following program to access certain features on our PBX: HyperTerminal Private Edition ver. 7.0. This was installed for me by our service provider, but it is a 30 trial version, and is...
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    TELNET into

    Hi, I am trying to TELNET into the (port25) service. (using a terminal) I get a ; "220 Welcome to ESMTP" This is a good response. (the one I expect) I am looking to ultimately send a mail through a terminal. (this is usually done by...