1. L

    Online Tender Database

    Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend an online database for tenders in SA? I know of: - etenders.gov.za - l2b.co.za - onlinetenders.co.za - dbonline.co.za I am trying to research the market for road construction products. Etenders.gov.za does not seem to have all tenders available...
  2. H

    wholesale suppliers

    Hi does anyone here know where i can get A4 white paper and the best price for wholesale, i plan on buying 3 hundred boxes, am not to particular of the brand as long as it is 80gsm. if you also know of reliable suppliers for toners / cartridges please share their details, this is for re-sale...
  3. H

    proof of the reseller agreement

    I have seen two tenders that I need to apply for, but part of my submission should include a letter of proof of resellers agreement, with Symantec and HP, I have tried applying for there partnership programs and am still awaiting their responses, does anyone know of a quicker way for me to get...
  4. H

    Bridging finance for tenders Government Orders

    Hi I recently applied for a relatively big tender at least for me and I am quite optimistic that I will win the bid, now my problem will be the financing of the working capital I would need at least 800k to execute the project, my question here is are there any companies / government...
  5. H

    Government Quotations

    Hi Am new into this tender / Quotation and business with government, I have met quite a few people making good money from government contracts, I just wanted to find out what is the average percentage mark up that some one should use in order to competitively bid for work, am a level 1 (one)...
  6. H

    Doing Business with Government

    Hi Just wanted to find out after submitting a quote to a government department and after being awarded the contract can a supplier supply generic cartridges instead of the original cartridge, as the quotation request did not clearly specify if they needed generic or original. Can I be...
  7. T

    Searching Google for submitted Tenders

    Hi all, First time poster! :) Sometime this year you had an article about how easy it is to search for Submitted Tenders using some Advanced Google search terms. I cannot for the life of me find that Article anywhere on google. Can someone point me to it or alternatively tell me the...
  8. Ivan Leon

    Eskom’s R1 billion broker shock

    In just five years, Eskom has spent at least R1 billion of taxpayers’ money on a labour consultancy, which made the ailing power giant pay double for contractors. The consultancy, Khum-BIE, has now taken Eskom to the South Gauteng High Court to fight for money it’s owed. Its directors are...
  9. QuintonB

    Sanral dismisses "secrecy bill" talk

    We’re not keeping secrets: Sanral Sanral says its application to the Western Cape High Court has nothing to do with enacting the so-called “secrecy bill”, but rather to protect the confidentiality of in-process tenders.
  10. LazyLion

    Cape Town Bus Tender Awarded

    The City of Cape Town has awarded the tender to provide vehicles for its extended MyCiTi bus routes to Volvo SA, a city official said on Wednesday. Volvo SA would provide 40 buses for the N2 express routes at a cost of R180 million, said transport mayoral committee member Brett Herron. He...
  11. LazyLion

    W Cape man guilty of 285 counts of fraud

    A Western Cape man has been convicted of defrauding the Overstrand Municipality of R3 million by submitting false quotations to secure tenders, it was reported on Wednesday. Hermanus Mostert was convicted of 285 counts of fraud by the Hermanus Magistrate's Court on Tuesday, The Cape Argus...
  12. LazyLion

    Malema Allies' Tenders to be re-advertised

    Tenders reportedly worth R900 million, awarded to allies of expelled ANCYL president Julius Malema, will be re-advertised, the Limpopo department of human settlements said on Wednesday. The department had been advised, rather than ordered, to re-advertise the contracts for the construction of...
  13. LazyLion

    Malema Case Postponed

    The fraud and corruption case against expelled ANC youth league leader Julius Malema and four others was postponed in the Polokwane High Court on Tuesday morning. Magistrate Janine Ungerer ruled the matter would resume on June 20, when a High Court date for their trial would be set. Malema...
  14. LazyLion

    'Healthcare has collapsed'

    http://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/healthcare-has-collapsed-1.1382196 And yet the morons will keep voting for these schmucks. :mad:
  15. jes

    Digital TV set-top box tender deadline extended

    Digital TV set-top box tender deadline extended The DoC has extended the deadline of the tender for subsidised digital TV set-top boxes
  16. LazyLion

    Cosatu man resigns from top post over R21 rebuild

    http://www.ewn.co.za/Story.aspx?Id=85854 Well done Cosatu! Government should take note of how to properly deal with conflicts of interest!
  17. LazyLion

    Speaker’s daughter cooks up a storm

    http://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/speaker-s-daughter-cooks-up-a-storm-1.1244265 ... and this family gets an Official MyBB Oink award!