1. S

    OTA-4 Release for Ubuntu Touch Devices

    The UBPorts project has released Ubuntu Touch OTA-4, based on Ubuntu 16.04. The project considers this release to be "the 'official' starting point of the UBports project." Details and upgrade steps at Happy upgrading!
  2. T

    iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB Silver for Trade or Cash

    Looking to sell iPod 5th Gen 32GB Silver. Or trade for a decent smartphone (NOT Nokia or Blackberry!). Is in perfect condition. Some very minor wear on the bezel. Comes with USB cable, charger and a rubber cover. Attached photo for reference. Do not have actual pics of device. But is as new...
  3. Johnatan56

    Java - set boolean to false if JTextField is selected

    Hi, I am trying to design a UI whereby the main point is that it can be operated by touch. I want to be able to select the top field, if selected set variable value to x, can type on the numpad. click on field2 and variable value changes to y, so the numpad will perform the check and add the...
  4. NeonNinja

    VW Touch Screens

    Anybody can vouch for this? Had it fitted? Golf 5 & 6 Polo (2010 – 2014) Jetta 5 & 6 Scirroco (2008 – 2013) Passat Touran Caddy Amarok Golf GTI Polo GTI
  5. R

    iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB [S]

    Item name: iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB Age and condition: About 2 years, Very good overall. Some fine scratches from normal wear. Everything works perfectly Do you include packaging: No Warranty: Not sure... Reason for selling: Not using it and I need the money Price: R1200 cash Negotiable: any...
  6. NomNom

    Best place to get the iPod Touch from?

    I haven't been able to find it online as of yet, any walk in stores that stock it? Been able to find it here for R2,199:,27210508
  7. UlricAlgar

    Wise Touch Tablet - If you are thinking of buying and want insight...

    I purchases a 7" Wise Touch tablet. Pros: - It's cheap. - It comes with most standard apps people would need - It's great for the general tablet usage and apps Cons: - It's not Google registered, so you cannot download apps from Google Play (or most app marketplaces that use Play). So...
  8. antowan

    Disney unvails revolutionary Touché touch technology The new technology relies on “swept frequency capacitive sensing” capable of processing far more information than current touch sensors that monitor a single frequency to detect single and...
  9. M

    Couple asleep find man hiding, touching wife

  10. S

    Bundesliga brilliance! Such a classic moment. :D I was hosing myself. Though that one guy has an irritating laugh.
  11. P

    A ipod touch wifi question

    Im getting a ipod i just wanted to ask these questions.. ive heard that i need a wifi stick to use internet on a itouch but i saw my telkom 5102g router says with 4 ports & WI-FI does that mean i only need to use my router and how do i connect it i havent done anything in that http://.10.10.02...
  12. D

    ** Official iPod Touch 1G/2G/3G Thread**

    Yea so we can discuss our issues here.. Personally i think that it sucks that we have to pay for cydia :(
  13. Z

    Touch screen phones

    What touch screen phone is the best buy at the moment except for the Nokia N97, which is a great phone by the way.
  14. M

    Local link to iPhone/Touch SDK required

    Hey guys The title sort of says it all. I'm looking for a local source for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch SDK. I've registered as a developer on Apple's site and can download fine, but it's 1.5-odd gig, and frankly, I don't feel like spending R100 on bandwidth for it. Does anyone know where I...
  15. M


    Today I got some hands on experience with an iTrip and that is definitely a gadget I'd love to get, however, with some research, I found there are so many of them! Which would you people recommend, I have an iPod Touch. Any faults or bugs that are known as well would be appreciated as well as...
  16. T

    New IPod Touch Pricing

    Found this while browsing the Apple ZA online store, This was there for about 5 mins, they then reverted back to this. That is quite a price drop.
  17. rpm

    HTC Touch Dual Review

    HTC Touch Dual
  18. M

    HTC Touch Diamond available at

    Price: R8,976.00