1. Kevin Lancaster

    Toyota to develop electric cars

    Toyota to develop electric cars Toyota will establish an in-house venture company responsible for developing electric vehicles.
  2. Ivan Leon

    Why Toyota Is Recalling 5.8 Million Cars Worldwide
  3. K

    Toyota Runx Rsi

    Hi guys Does anyone know where i a complete runx rsi engine. Or someone reputable that can repair the engine.
  4. Ivan Leon

    Toyota Recalls 3.4 Million Cars Over Air Bags, Fuel Tanks
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Over a million Toyota cars recalled

    Over a million Toyota cars recalled Toyota has issued a recall for 1.43 million cars over a possible fault in airbag inflators.
  6. D

    Urgent: Toyota Corolla Flasher Relay

    Hey Guys, My grandfather drives a 2004/5 Toyota Corolla and last week the indicators/flashers just stopped working. All the fuses are fine in all of the fuse boxes on the vehicle. We suspect it is the flasher relay, but when we took it to the "Extremely Helpful" :mad: parts department at Fury...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Toyota and Uber join forces

    Toyota and Uber join forces Toyota and Uber are joining forces as part of a partnership to “explore collaboration in the world of ride-sharing”.
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    New vs Current Toyota Fortuner – South African price comparison

    New vs Current Toyota Fortuner – South African price comparison We take a look at how pricing of the current and new Toyota Fortuner models compare.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    2017 Toyota 86 shown off

    2017 Toyota 86 shown off Toyota has shown off its 2017 model of the 86 at the New York Motor Show.
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Toyota launches “racing-developed” Fortuner – pictures, details

    Toyota launches “racing-developed” Fortuner – pictures, details Toyota has unveiled a Toyota Racing Development version of its Fortuner SUV.
  11. S

    Fiesta - Reliability vs Corolla - High Risk

    Hi All I am interested in 2 cars: Fiesta Powershift 1.0T - I believe here though that the Dual Clutch gearbox has given many issues. Any drivers here that have experienced issues with the Powershift. Toyota Corolla 1.6 Prestige Auto - No fan of Toyota but it seems they offer better value for...
  12. Ivan Leon

    2016 Lexus LX Gets Evil Cheese-Grater Face And A Sweet New Interior

    The 2016 Lexus LX570 is getting a front-bumper tweezing to match the rest of the Lexus lineup. Yep, the fancified Toyota Land Cruiser will henceforth look like a cyborg insect too. But the well-deserved interior upgrade is downright sexy. They’re not skimping on screen size in the...
  13. Ivan Leon

    Toyota launches Etios Xclusive in India

    Just when you thought that Toyota couldn't sink any lower with hideous 'embellishments' tacked on to their ugly duckling (as seen on the 'Angry Etios'), they exceed all our expectations by adding a fake wood-grain dash and front armrest trim, as well as sticking what looks like a cheap Chinese 7...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Toyota to recall hybrid cars in South Africa due to software bug

    Toyota to recall hybrid cars in South Africa due to software bug Toyota will recall hundreds of Auris Hybrids in South Africa due to a software glitch.
  15. Ivan Leon

    Toyota Recalls Certain 2012 - 2014 Prius v hybrid vehicles

    Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. today announced that it is conducting a safety recall of approximately 109,000 Model Year 2012-2014 Prius v hybrid vehicles. In the involved vehicles, the current software settings for the motor/generator control ECU and hybrid control ECU could result in higher...
  16. L

    Toyota Corolla 1.4 D4D 2014 Brake pads

    I have a 1.4 D4D toyota corolla and I have been looking for brake pad. This will be second set I will be putting. Last time Toyota Charged me R2400 for new rear pads including labour. I managed to get the rear replacement from Midas but I can't find the front brake pads. Toyota is selling them...
  17. Ivan Leon

    Toyota, Nissan add 6.5 million cars to Takata airbag recall

    Takata’s airbags have been at the center of a massive recall push for the last several months. Basically, airbag inflators supplied by the Japanese company might shoot shrapnel when the airbags deploy, which could potentially injure or kill people in the car. Toyota and Nissan are...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    What’s hot at CES

    What’s hot at CES Here are some highlights from the gadget show on Monday
  19. Leo_

    Toyota Corolla 1.4 D-4D vs. VW Jetta 1.2 TSI

    Hi, I'm deciding to purchase a new vehicle (R250k) and I've narrowed my choices down to these 2. Carmag chose the Corolla over the Jetta, and gave the Corolla diesel outstanding reviews. Now I know I shouldn't just trust one review, therefore I'm asking the forum what they think of...
  20. Ivan Leon

    Japan may expand air bag recalls; worried about impact on industry

    Honda Motor and Mazda Motor may have to recall another 200,000 cars in Japan to replace Takata Corp air bags if Takata complies with a U.S. order to recall cars across the United States rather than just in humid regions. Several automakers in the U.S. have issued regional recalls of certain...