1. T

    In Toyota's Defence Sounds as if he might have a point there.
  2. akescpt

    toyota verso

    Hi, in the market for a people carrier and came across this. If you have first/second hand knowledge, please let me know. It has the right specs like fuel efficiency, reliability, services arent expensive. i have read a couple of reviews but am after some feedback. If you have the some...
  3. Rouxenator

    Used 4x4 DC - Hilux or KB < R200k

    I need for find a double cab 4x4 Isuzu or Toyota for under R200k - quickly if possible. Can be any spec level (LE or LX / SRX or Raider). The problem I found so far is that all the Hilux models on sale are ex-fleet cars and that is something I want to avoid at all cost. Ideally I would like...
  4. M

    modifying a 130 conquest

    Whats the best options for modifying a 130 12V conquest. I need little more power but not at the expense of very bad fuel economy. I figured that a turbo wouldnt make such a difference and a supercharger would be very underpowered low down in the rev range, (am I correct?). What would...
  5. AirWolf

    2009 Formula One: FIA Hearing on Diffuser Issue

  6. M

    ABS brakes for a conquest

    I've got a 1996 conquest 130 and was wondering if its possible to fit ABS brakes so that its safer especially in this freak rains that we getting in Gauteng. Buying a new car with ABS is not an option
  7. B

    Toyota Tazz Hubcaps in Cape Town?

    Been trawling the internet and can't seem to find any shop online that sells them. Before I left Cape Town I went to a couple of secon-hand dealers but they seem to only sell them in single units(totally useless). If I have to go through Toyota I might as well get mags, are there any other...
  8. Rouxenator

    Avanza dodgy rear wheels?

    Last year my wife was at a cafe in Hermanus and when she walked out she saw a Toyota Avanza losing control and rolling over into a parking lot. None of the occupants where injured but the car was in a bad state. Apartantly they felt something wrong at the rear of the car and the next moment...
  9. LazyLion

    Toyota Claims Ownership of Fan Wallpapers! LOLWhut??? WTF??? /me goes to put a Toyota Wallpaper on every computer I own. Just because I can!:p
  10. B

    different names in different countries

    Ever walked down the street in a foreign country and see a the back of a vehicle and it says "Sentra" but looks like an "Almera" or "Accord" but it looks nothing like the new Accord recently launched in SA. Another one is the Toyota Camry that looks a bit like a Camry but in actual fact is an...