1. joppenheim

    How to track internet usage?

    Hi there Does anybody know how I can track my home's internet usage? I have subscribed to Telkom's 50GB LTE home package and it works great, but its finished. 50Gb in 27 days!!! There are a 5 people and multiple services that use it on a daily basis but even 50Gb sounds like a lot. Is...
  2. V

    Public 400 Running Track in Johannesburg North

    Is there any 400m running track(grass or track) for public use in Randburg or surrounding areas. I do road running but want a perfectly flat area where I can measure my average pace and personal bests.
  3. E

    Get phone number from IMSI Number

    Yesterday morning i had my Samsung Galaxy S4 Snatched out of my hands while waiting outside of home affairs in Pinetown. We have done the normal procedures by reporting it to the police, have blacklisted the phone via the IMEI number. We also had Avast software saved on the phone. The...
  4. E

    Your favourite Indie Pop / Indietronic songs

    Hey everyone. So recently I have gotten into indie pop and indietronic. There are some amazing songs in this genre but they can be difficult to find. Below is a list of songs I really like. if u guys could add to it and give me some similar ones that would be great. Also you guys can try out...
  5. S

    Tracking Electricity Usage

    Hi Guys Just thought I would share my excel sheet I use for tracking electricity usgae.!PkNmzKiA!-zm2-dK6vm6h_jIw4K40Rp6FeBfVAyXkn9etJ6eruhI
  6. W

    Vodacom altering web traffic, allowing websites to track you.

    Vodacom is currently editing all web traffic that is sent over its mobile internet service and inserting personal information, including your cellphone number, to the HTML header. Visit using your Vodacom internet service (Make sure you aren't connected to WiFi)...
  7. C

    Track cellphone numbers after prank calls...

    Hi, Yesterday I received 8 prank calls, from 7 different numbers (1 withheld). Is there any way I could find out who they were from, or who the numbers belong to? I have my suspicions as to who is behind this, but I obviously can't prove anything. I answered the first few calls and...
  8. Rouxenator

    Ever misplaced you car keys, wallet, iPhone..etc ?

    Well fear not - Nokia has the answer. This small sensor device can be attached to stuff you do not want to misplace or loose around the house. An app on your Nokia phone can be used to trace them in...
  9. cavedog

    TrackMania Nationas Forever Download

    Local Download: Download Size: 503.87 MB Launched two years ago, TrackMania Nations became a true video game phenomenon. The free downloadable racing game attracted an unbelievable number of players around the world who were obsessed...