trevor manuel

  1. jes

    Dina Pule should resign

    Dina Pule should resign “Do yourself and the country a favour – resign,” the Mail & Guardian report card tells Communications Minister
  2. QuintonB

    The NDP: Nothing we haven't heard before

    A tale of talkshops It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but can Trevor Manuel get government to take broadband seriously?
  3. K

    Manuel slashes travel and entertainment allowances in Gov Depts Good on you Trev... one question... why did it take so long?
  4. rpm

    Trevor, Ivy’s Sentech clash

    Trevor, Ivy’s Sentech clash
  5. C

    Rupert criticises Mbeki government

    Rupert criticises Mbeki era Nice to see businessmen speaking out ... I'm not sure I agree with all his statements but it's just great to see people speaking freely.