1. gregmcc

    Ubuntu 22.04 - Firefox only available via snap

    Noooo....why?!?! :mad: Just upgraded from LTS 20.04 to 22.04 beta - it's close enough to release date so I thought I'd try it out. Found out Canonical and Mozilla have some deal now that Firefox is no longer available as a .deb file and can only be installed using snap. Actually installing...
  2. Jan

    Ampere Altra Arm-based processors previewed in Microsoft Azure VMs

    Azure Virtual Machines get Ampere Altra Arm-based processors Microsoft has announced a preview of Ampere Altra Arm-based processors within its Azure Virtual Machine (VM) series. The new Azure VMs are designed to efficiently run scale-out workloads, web servers, application servers, open-source...
  3. UrBaN963

    The Linux Learning Path

    So I've decided to up my Linux knowledge. Previously I had successfully installed Ubuntu and gotten drivers etc. working. Basically called it quits there. I'd like to embark on the journey though, I'd like my Linux knowledge to match my Windows knowledge as I feel it would be both interesting...
  4. M

    za.archive.ubuntu is down

    Wasn't able to update packages and cannot ping za.archive.ubuntu. Tried on several "is it down?" type websites and they all report the same thing. I managed to get around it by selecting the main Ubuntu package server in sources, but it's curious nonetheless.
  5. W

    Ubuntu Installation, removing Windows

    Good day, I'm looking for some assistance on my first installation of Ubuntu. I am finally taking the plunge into Linux. I was planning on dual booting it but would prefer to be forced into only using Linux allowing me to learn faster. I've managed to flash the installation onto a clean...
  6. J

    Network traffic monitor not working properly

    Ubuntu 16.04 Vnstat Router Huawei B618s-65d Checking every day my router Telkom wifi usage, my use an PC and cell phone and I check this with Vnstat and Tekom web site notice a difference on the readings search for the reason found Vnstat don't monitor the cell phone traffic. Is any...
  7. S

    OTA-4 Release for Ubuntu Touch Devices

    The UBPorts project has released Ubuntu Touch OTA-4, based on Ubuntu 16.04. The project considers this release to be "the 'official' starting point of the UBports project." Details and upgrade steps at https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/ubuntu-touch-ota-4-release-166 Happy upgrading!
  8. S

    Configuring wireless adapter on ubuntu

    Hi there, I built a pc and am using a D-Link DWA-131 Wireless N Nano Adapter and after I booted into ubuntu and installed it, I am unable to connect to the wifi. The adapter came with a disk, which I cannot use at the moment because I dont have an optical drive. I was wondering if there are...
  9. S

    ASUS UX303UB - Ubuntu Technician Needed For Hardware Support

    Hi All, I need a Ubuntu technician based in Johannesburg or Pretoria to help me install the necessary drivers to support my hardware. My battery could last 8 hours on Windows but only 3 hours on Ubuntu at the beginning and now it's only 40 minutes. I have had this laptop for less than a year...
  10. Newsfeed

    Ubuntu Desktop default application survey results

    Ubuntu Desktop default application survey results Canonical has released the results of its default applications survey for the 18.04 long-term support release of Ubuntu.
  11. Z

    Open Source DIY TV Box on GearBest.com

    Good day all, Pre-order Gadget of the day Pre-order Open Source TV Box Was $119.99 or more, now from $49.99. Coupon: Flash Sale Link: https://www.gearbest.com/promotion-khadas-vim2-tv-box-special-1531.html?lkid=11171480 Do note that there is limited stock daily. First 5 daily at 11:00...
  12. Newsfeed

    Ubuntu Linux now available in Windows Store

    Ubuntu Linux now available in Windows Store Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux is now available in the Windows Store, which makes it easier for users to install the Linux OS.
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Ubuntu 12.04 Extended Security Maintenance announced

    Ubuntu 12.04 Extended Security Maintenance announced Canonical will continue to provide security updates to Ubuntu 12.04 clients on its Ubuntu Advantage service.
  14. Nod

    Open source smart home platform gains Ubuntu snap packages

    Source: http://linuxgizmos.com/open-source-smart-home-platform-gains-ubuntu-snap-packages/ ... More at the link above ...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Ubuntu Budgie now an official Ubuntu flavour

    Ubuntu Budgie now an official Ubuntu flavour Budgie-remix developers have told Softpedia that their GNU/Linux distribution built around the Budgie desktop environment is now an official Ubuntu flavour.
  16. N

    Windows 7 Won't Boot After Linux Install

    Hi I previously posted on Mint issues on my laptop, causing to be forced to use Elementary installed to a microSD (full install.) For some time, if I wanted to use Windows 7, I simply shut down the laptop, eject the microSD and booted up into Win 7 seamlessly. As of yesterday, my Windows...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Ubuntu 16.04.1 released

    Ubuntu 16.04.1 released The first point release of the latest long-term support version of Ubuntu is out.
  18. J

    [W] Ubuntu Stickers

    Hey All, Checked the canonical store and the pricing of their sticker sheets are quite awesome and then there's shipping :cry: https://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=718 (The mixed sticker sheet) Anyone know where I can get anything similar locally? Thanks in advance
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu edition launched

    Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu edition launched Canonical has launched the Meizu Pro 5 smartphone which runs on Ubuntu.
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is here

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is here Canonical has released Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which features the new snap package format and LXD pure-container hypervisor.