1. irfaanf

    What happens to my UIF when I change my employer?

    I've handed in my notice at my current company (permanent employee) and will be joining a new company soon, contract's already signed. I'm concerned about my UIF contributions thus far, do I have to provide my new employers with certain details to have my UIF contributions to date "carried...
  2. E

    Ads UIF-Covid19 TERS - labour.gov.za‎ expose user details today

    We just discovered this on the https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/ website. You login, and when you keep on refreshing it start showing other peoples UIF details. Full details, emails the lot. EZ
  3. Jamie McKane

    Big increase in payouts to South African businesses - UIF

    Big increase in payouts to South African businesses - UIF The number of companies which have had their UIF Temporary Employer-Employee Scheme (TERS) applications processed has increased drastically compared to last week, said the UIF. Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi said that over 59,000...
  4. Jamie McKane

    UIF launches new online application portal - How it works

    UIF launches new online application portal - How it works The Department of Labour has launched an online portal for applications to the UIF Temporary Employer-Employee Scheme (TERS). This follows after problems were reported with the previous application process, which saw only 136 out of...
  5. C

    Help please

    Hi I resigned on the 11 of march my basic was 6k and com I was permanent so I had provident fund uif pension everything I also had 10 leave days was only paid 4k today . How do I go about requesting a breakdown of what I was paid and regarding my commission it runs 19-20 each month so I feel...
  6. A

    UIF payments

    Some input please. My wife was retrenched end of DEC16. She had been working for approx. 20 years at various employers, contributing towards UIF, but not claiming any benefits. She then claimed UIF for approx. 4 months and went back to work in JUL17 on a 6 month contract that ended DEC17. We...
  7. C

    UIF Claims

    Hi All, I have been unemployed since end of Feb this year. I have submitted a UIF claim on 12 April 2016 and they told me that the claim will be processed within the next 7 weeks (which was by latest 31 May 2016). Today is exactly 12 weeks after that date, and the best answer they can come...
  8. E


    A thread following UIF and related..