useless isp

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    WebAfrica - wasting my referral.

    Dear WebAfrica I'm not going to go into the convoluted story - just basically that a friend and partner of mine has been trying to get a dormant domain of his transferred (with hosting) to WA on my recommendation from VOX for revival and use. The domain for some reason needs to first be...
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    Useless Mweb Packages

    So now that everyone is back in JHB the speeds drop like flies sprayed with doom! Im on the 4mbps uncapped with Mweb, I dont download torrents, i only use it to play online games. I have my own internet monitoring software which shows that ive never gone over 30gb a month, then give or take 5gb...
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    SAOL pathetic service!

    Just a heads up to all. finally decided to take the jump over to uncapped ADSL this month. my Dad signed us up with SAOL on a 1gig package about 5 or 6 years back. i have noticed a decline in the quality of there service over the years and now that ive been trying to cancell it gotten even...