1. W

    How to setup Sickbeard +SABnzbd +Plex - Step by Step Video Guide

    Question: How do I setup my PC to automatically download my tv shows for me and then alert my media centre that their is a new episode? Answer: To answer this I have created a Step By Step Video Guide to take you through the steps of setting up Sickbeard with SABnzbd and then top it off by...
  2. S

    Torrents and me

    Hi Everyone I've been watching and reading these forums for quite a while now. Never had any real issues that i couldn't find answers for here, so I never had to bother posting anything...until now I used to use Vuze as my download manager but that went miserably. So I went over to...
  3. W

    FINALLY- I setup my PC to automatically download TV shows. Here's HOW

    I'd Like to share my success in setting up my pc so that it can automatically download my TV episodes. Ive made a step by step video on how to do it. Visit the video here
  4. M

    Desperate housewives Usenet

    Desperate housewives Howzit Folks, Hope you enjoying the weekend. I am trying to find Desperate housewives Season 2-5. Can anyone help me on this please? Cheers...
  5. DrJohnZoidberg


    There was quite a large update done a few days back. Added some nice new features and bug fixes. You can check what's new here: This great app just keeps getting better.
  6. LazyLion

    Get a Free 1Mbps Usenet Account on XS Usenet Can anyone access the sign up page and get it to work?
  7. S

    'Safety' of Torrents vs Usenet

    (post removed)
  8. LazyLion


    Anyone else having trouble connecting? :confused: I can't connect via Grabit or do a TRACERT from their website. :(
  9. LazyLion

    Newzbin Usenet Indexer Prepares For MPAA High Court Piracy Battle So some of you were saying how the Usenet Indexers were immune to prosecution. Well here's one example against that...
  10. S

    Astraweb Broken?

    !!EDIT: WAS A PROBLEM ON MY SIDE!! Hi guys, I can barely connect and if I do my downloads are at like 5kb/s... this is on my IS and SAIX accounts so must be there side :(
  11. R

    newzbin invite for a poor old soul

    A request. Might be a long shot, but need a newzbin invite to use with sabnzbd. would be eternally grateful my email is hlnrog001 at
  12. S

    news.saix slow?

    hey guys, for the past few days i was able to get my full line speed to the saix news server before 6 for a few hours, but from after 6 to 6 i barely reach 100kb/s when i usually reach atleast 350kb/s is there a prob with the servers or something
  13. LazyLion

    First UseNet Provider loses copyright case in US There is also an ongoing action against a major Dutch UseNet Provider. And still... the Recording Industry fails to bring anything remotely resembling an Internet Service to the public. :(
  14. T

    Quick 8 step guide to using the News servers (for Newbs like me)

    1. get a PC 2. get an internet connection 3. get a news server (these are popular, 4. get a news client 5. (better alternative to 7. IMHO) get some .nzbs 6. get a connection to your server (hardest of all, for people like me :mad:)...