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    New Scammer and Fraudster listing system

    Hi peeps, Just to let you know, we launched a listing system for possible scammers and fraudsters. The system allows you to input details, and it will return results of previously encountered users / entities. There is also an API if you want to integrate with it. Right now we have around...
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    Matric Results Verification

    Hi, Is there anyway to access past matric results. I'm talking all the way back to 2003. How does an employer or tertiary institution verify these results?
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    Google verification SMSs on MTN

    hi there, I'm on an MTN contract am an trying to set up Google mobile notifications (, then Calendar settings | Mobile Setup). I don't receive Google verification SMSs. I've tested sending them to Vodacom and CellC phones - those work - but not my MTN phone. I...