virgin money

  1. J

    Virgin Money South Africa is now Spot Money

    Virgin Money South Africa is now Spot Money Virgin Money South Africa announced that it has changed its name to Spot Money SA, adopting the name of its Virgin Money Spot app. This follows the Virgin Group's divestment from its South African operations, including the Virgin Money credit card.
  2. B

    Ways to yse credit card to transfer money?

    Are there any ways to use a credit card to make transfers to another bank account. Obviously EFTs are possible but im looking for a way to not do EFTs on the credit card. My initial thought was to generate a QR code (via snapscan, zapper or Fnb speedpoint) and then just make card payments to...
  3. Neuk_

    Virgin Money Credit Card Fraud

    I have had a Virgin Money CC since they first arrived in SA alothough I can't remember exactly when that was, mid 2000's I think it was. Since I got my Discovery CC I have not used my Virgin Money CC at all so found it strange when I received an SMS from VMSA this morning about an outstanding...
  4. C

    Virgin Insurance holding my business vehicle for 3rd day now. Why??

    My car was taken to the assessment yard on Sunday to be assessed on Monday. It is now Tuesday and my vehicle is not repaired as the excess is to high, it is not back in my possession and I am loosing money due to slow and poor service from Virgin Insurance. Does anyone know of other instances...
  5. jes

    22seven beta to end soon; Virgin Money now supported

    22seven beta to end soon; Virgin Money now supported Free beta will soon give way to subscription model
  6. T

    I love my virgin money card, but would like to change.. any suggestions?

    My Virgin Credit Card is great as far as free transactions, no monthly fees and low interest rates go but I personally cant handle the fact that I don't receive SMS notifications on my transactions, also there are no real reward programs. I use my credit card for everything and pretty much pump...
  7. E

    Virgin Money Card for travelling

    Hi guys, I have a FNB credit card which I usually use when travelling abroad. However, somebody in my office suggested that I get an additional, non VISA card (all FNB cards are VISA) to take along when I travel to the US in September. The reason for this is that if your main credit card is...
  8. H

    Virgin Money credit card - expiration date and replacement

    My Virgin Money credit card will expire next year, and I was wondering whether anyone knows at which point I can expect to hear from Virgin Money about a replacement card? Any ideas how long before the card's expiration that they contact you?