1. DrJohnZoidberg

    StarCraft Brood War in Linux

    Yes, I like old school StarCraft and have been having a few issues getting it to run without hassles so I have decided just to post my solution here so that it may help somebody else. Firstly I had it running okay using wine, but it had issues when I would exit my screen would get stuck at...
  2. jes

    Opening up to open source software

    Opening up to open source software Check out some of the best open source applications for Windows.
  3. BigAl-sa

    VBox: Ubuntu host; XP guest; copy and paste picture

    Anyone out there got any ideas how to copy a pic in the host and get to paste in the guest? It looks as though copying anything other than simple text does not work??
  4. BigAl-sa

    Arch in a VBox

    As I have quite a bit of bandwidth to get through before Sat, I thought I'd have a look at Arch. I downloaded the netinstall iso and set it running this morning. It went pretty well for about 20mins (just finished d/l the kernel) when it hung. Anyone know of any way to get the script to resume...
  5. S

    Sharing a USB modem in vbox

    Has anyone managed to get USB sharing in vbox working with a USB 3G stick? I'm running an XP host with Mandriva 2010 as a guest inside vbox. While vbox picks up the USB device and hands it to the guest, it just never connects with a nice generic No carrier in the syslog. I figure there is...
  6. BigAl-sa

    Permissions: VirtualBox USB devices

    I have a really weird problem which seems to be permissions related. I have four USB devices (two printers, a scanner and a tablet) that I use directly in the guest OS (XP). I can access the scanner, tablet and one printer under VBox's devices menu and use them with no problem under the guest...
  7. d0b33

    VirtualBox 3.1.0 Final Released - Mac OS X users encouraged to update

    Article Download
  8. d0b33

    VirtualBox 3.0 Released!

    Great stuff! :D
  9. LazyLion

    VirtualBox pre-configured images! Ooooh... me is going to play nicely with these! :D
  10. LazyLion

    A Virtual Machine for Win98 on a Win XP Computer?

    I have an old computer here at the office with Windows 98. It is used to run a Thermal Printer Machine and the Software that designs the labels for the Thermal Printer. I have tried all the newer versions of the software and drivers for the printer and none of them work as well as the...
  11. W

    virtual box question

    I have created a "shared" folder called home. How the hell do I now find it on my virtual xp box ? :confused: I typed a few things in but keeps getting errors :confused:
  12. G

    a Quick Virtualbox question

    Just a quick question, and keep in mind, I dont have my linux box in front of me, so am sucking this all out of air. But I want to set up a virtualbox vm, carrying my question is this (as my usage with vm's are limited at best). Do i need to make any changes to settings or so, if I...