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    Considered UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL, apparently from you...

    Hi all, I have a client that keeps on getting "Content-filter at smtp3.vodamail.internal <postmaster@smtp3.vodamail.internal>" and "Considered UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL, apparently from you" when sending emails through their vodamail account to various other emails addresses. The client uses...
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    Vodamail SMTP Authentication

    Hi Everyone, Im having an issue, im setting up someones @vodamail.co.za email address, as far as i know the settings goes like this email: someone...@vodamail.co.za pop: pop3.vodamail.co.za smtp: smtp.vodamail.co.za no authentication on SMTP The problem im having is when the...
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    Vodamail on 3G vs. WiFi (SMTP Authentication issue)

    Hi all, Can someone please shed some light on a most interesting challenge... My dad is 71, has a vodacom 3G acount in use with his tablet (android) He has bad vision, and I'm having a real hard time explaining mail settings to him... The problem as follows with outgoing mail settings...
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    TELNET into smtp.vodacom.co.za:25

    Hi, I am trying to TELNET into the smtp.vodacom.co.za (port25) service. (using a terminal) I get a ; "220 Welcome to vopfsc0605smtp2.vodamail.co.za ESMTP" This is a good response. (the one I expect) I am looking to ultimately send a mail through a terminal. (this is usually done by...
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    Vodamail Super Fast

    I noticed how considerably faster Vodamail's IMAP mail server is in comparison to my ISP's IMAP mail server. Is this because they provide a few dedicated mail servers in their data center in Midrand or is it just because most people use their e-mail service for mobile [text-only] e-mail?
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    Problems with mail relay through relay1.vodamail.co.za

    Hope somebody can help me here. I have a client who is having problems getting email from somebody using the vodacom network. The message the senders is getting back says ... This is the Postfix program at host relay1.vodamail.co.za. I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could...