vpn for noobs

  1. Z

    VPN clients in South Africa.

    Hi All. I hope this reaches as many Security specialists as possible and whe the it does, I hope you are doing well. I am aspiring Network Security Specialist, currently studying for NSE4. I have come to realize that most of not all Security measurements are either European or American based...
  2. C

    Best VPN to use in 2020?

    Hi, I would like to know what VPN's people are using in SA? What speeds are you getting? Are you able to watch Netflix, Hulu, BBC player etc?
  3. W

    Best VPN or DNS Proxy to use to get the US Netflix.

    Im looking for a VPN or a DNS Proxy that will work well to get Netflix US in SA. Not sure if there even is a decent one anymore. Ive tried Smart DNS Proxy but its just to slow. Takes like 20min to load something and at the lowest quality. Does anyone have any suggestions, and also how to...
  4. J

    Which Protocol Serves What Purpose?

    Hi, I have PureVPN IKEv2 protocol setup on my iPhone and Windows PC. It has several other protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN, and SSTP. I was wondering which protocols serves what purpose and what's the best one in terms of security, streaming, file sharing, etc. :confused:
  5. T

    VPN - Which ones to use in SA?

    Hi guys, looking for some advice on whats a good VPN to use in SA? I use my laptop to download, browse the internet and online shopping so just looking for some added 'security' since VPN's are the way to go? Many thanks
  6. A

    Personal VPN with local servers. Need a recommendation?

    Hi all, As the title implies, what are you using for your VPN? I need it for personal use, just some downloads really. Needs to have local and international servers, and be affordable. Tried EarthVPN, seems very flaky on speeds. Any suggestions welcome.
  7. Anthro

    VPN Setup Guide SBS 2008

    In SBS 2008 the setup is quite simple, steps highlighted below: Launch Windows SBS Console Select the "Network" tab Select the "Connectivity" tab ,in the right hand pane, under Tasks, select Configure a Virtual Private Network This will launch the Setup Virtual Private Networking...