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  1. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    AMD EPYC VPS Beta Testers Required - Round 2 - More awesomeness

    Howdy MYBB Hosting fanatics Edit : The beta testing phase is currently active and we are wanting testers. Come and push our latest AMD EPYC Milan based VPS servers to their limits. Simply put your name down for a two month free test / stress test The last AMD EPYC VPS Beta test ran...
  2. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    AMD EPYC VPS Beta Testers required.

    We're glad to announce that we'll be ready to start accepting VPS Testers within the next few days after resolving the issues with our AMD EPYC SuperMicro Server. We'd love for you to participate in the beta program and help us in delivering the best possible VPS Solution in SA. In return will...
  3. G

    IPv6 capable VPS providers in South Africa

    I just asked six different South African VPS providers if they could give me a server with an IPv6 address. All six said "no", they only do IPv4. Now I'm wondering if I have somehow teleported back to pre-2012... :( I'm sure some of the enterprise, private cloud-type providers can do this. But...
  4. F

    Anyone have any experience with Datakeepers VPS hosting?

    On the datakeepers.co.za and virtualservers.co.za website they stated. "We're quite certain that we've been doing this longer than anyone else around here, so we've really got the hang of it. We have the knowledge, expertise and in-depth experience to provide you with precisely what you need –...
  5. Anthro

    Ad Blocking DNS Server Test

    Hi guys, installed PiHole on a South African VPS.. blocking about 2.6mil advert domains. Use this as your DNS to stress test it for me if you can ! [REMOVED]
  6. M

    Site5 Hosting and Support from SA

    Hi I am considering using Site5.com for hosting some web stores via their cloud VPS service. https://www.site5.com/vps/cloud/#ecommerce I was looking for any inside info on their stability and service and support in the event of outages. I would look to user their servers out of...
  7. H

    Urgently looking for a reliable VPS with 99% uptime and after hours support.

    Urgently looking for a reliable VPS with 99% uptime and after hours support. Requirements: After hours support because it always breaks in the evening or on weekends, when there is no answer at Support. A VPS which is properly setup in the beginning (preventative maintenance), instead of...
  8. ixian

    VPS Networks Down

    I have a managed VPS account with VPS Networks (http://www.vps.co.za/) and they appear to be down since yesterday evening. Nobody is answering emails or telephone calls. Anybody know what's going on, have they skipped town? :(
  9. 3

    VPS & Dedicated & Cloud Servers ( International) - Now offered from R89/m

    Hello MyBroadband community. I'm posting (with fear of being banned) but hoping that we can also participate the same as the other companies like Afrihost, Mweb, and OpenWeb etc etc with discussions about our services which we hope can benefit many businesses in South Africa going forward...