1. P

    Weather capturing apps Android

    I'm interested in weather patterns and am looking for ways to keep track of items such as temperature (max and min), wind speeds and direction and possibly rain on a daily basis I currently use the Rain Logger app on my Android phone to keep track of rainfall and am looking for something...
  2. Nod

    Cycles of Drought and Good Seasons in South Africa: With Cyclical Diagrams.

    Source: I found this book from 1889 on the subject of sun spots and rainfall patterns. Found it interesting, especially how weather were in "those days". 1652 for example, is described as: The author do state that sunspots is not...
  3. Hephaestus

    Heavy flooding and disruptive snowfall expected in parts of SA

    Looks Like we will have a nice cold weekend "Heavy rain leading to flash flooding is expected in places over the Cape Metropole and Cape Winelands from early Friday morning, subsiding by...
  4. M

    Cape Town unusually windy weather

    Anyone know why we have such windy weather here down in the Cape for this time of the year? Is it normal or just a strange weather pattern? I can't find anything on Google.
  5. M

    Weather Maps

    I already have the sunlight map and the wind map:,0.00,360 Any other weather map suggestions will be welcome please, and thanks. Avid weather watcher.
  6. LazyLion

    Huge Tornado Hits Oklahoma City Suburb, Kills 51

    A monstrous tornado at least a half-mile (800 meters) wide roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs, flattening entire neighborhoods and destroying an elementary school with a direct blow as children and teachers huddled against winds up to 200 mph (320 kph). At least 51 people were killed...
  7. LazyLion

    Snow and Ice put the Brakes on Europe as Flights, Traffic Halted

    A return of winter blanketed northern Europe in snow and ice, cancelling hundreds of flights, causing traffic pile-ups and halting train service as travellers were advised to stay home. Germany's largest airport was closed for hours Tuesday, France formed an emergency management task force as...
  8. K

    How do you stop weather from affecting your dstv signal

    I have been scouring the web for a solution to this, I live in Cape Town and every time there is a little rain my dstv signal is scrambled. Is there a solution out there for this problem because I bought my dstv for sport and when it rains during a sports game all I do is sit there and do nothing!
  9. W

    10 Differences Between the North and South Poles

    June 19, 2011 Science & Nature by Radu Tyrsina 10 Differences Between the North and South Poles Interesting article, I came upon it when searching for news related to Antarctic melt, the South Atlantic Anomaly and how it effects weather in the Cape Town. I've been a weather watcher...
  10. L

    Meteorology as career

    My cousin is currently doing grade 12 and shes interested on becoming a climatologist.. Now i cant really advice her on this, i don't have the information Dont know any one whose done Meteorology) ..shes asking about employment opportunities and areas where one can specialize, also the...
  11. M

    It's storming like crazy in Cape Town

    The wrath of the Gods has been set upon Cape Town. It has been raining like crazy, with occasional lightning and thunder that scared the bejeezes out of me.
  12. P

    Weather forecast website: both tide and wind together

    Anyone know of a website that shows tide and wind in parallel? I've been looking for ages. I want to see when the tide and wind is right, without having to scroll up and down/ compare between websites. Looking specifically for Western Cape, Knysna area. Already tried: windguru,
  13. W

    Weather Warning Cape

    Current Warning: Western Cape * Updated: 17/02/2011 05:10:39 * Warning: Take action * Subject: Gale force, Heavy rain, high FDI and ucomfortable conditions 1. Gale force south-easterly winds, are expected south of Table Bay to Cape Agulhas 2. Heavy rain is possible...
  14. M

    Massive Sundog over Joburg

    There has been a massive Sundog over Joburg for the last hour or more. Its very rare to see a Sundog doing a full 360 degree halo around the sun. Anyone got a camera to post some pics? Don't forget to protect your eyes when looking near the sun.
  15. LazyLion

    Don't be helpful in the UK, you could get sued!
  16. LCBXX

    Crap weather forecasting

    I'm not sure whether this is just a South African Weather Service problem, but the weather forecasting for this country is really up to shyte. We really wanted to take the bike out for a long ride this morning. At about 08:00 the sky was clear with no wind whatsoever. When I started rolling...
  17. M

    Sydney- Freak Dust Storm

    Today Sydney was enveloped in red dust. A dust storm blown in from the severely drought affected interior. While fairly common in the drought areas, it's extremely rare for these storms to reach Sydney. An Audio report with beautiful but eerie Slideshow here google news
  18. E

    ...and the winning weather is?

    5-day forecast for Cape Town over the weekend from 2 different sources...which one is right??? :confused::eek:
  19. DJ...

    Anyone else have crunchy grass this morning?

    No, its not a new Kelloggs low fat carboard derivative. I am talking about the feeling you get when hell freezes over and the residual cold permeates through to Johannesburg. The resultant affect is that walking over your lawn in your slippers is like ice-skating over frozen Big Corn Bites...