1. T

    Decent, affordable wedding photographer Fourways area

    Hi there, Let me start by saying yes, I am aware that "decent wedding photographer" and "affordable" in the same sentence is more than likely a contradiction...but I figured I would try anyway! I am trawling the interweb trying to find a wedding photographer for August in Fourways. We have a...
  2. O

    Wedding Photographers Equipment in South Africa?

    So I haven't been to a wedding in a while, and the last one I attended I wasn't particularly paying attention to the photographer's camera and equipment. Since then I've become more interested in photography and so I have invested in a DSLR, a few lenses, a few filters and so on, and been...
  3. G

    Wedding ministers and venues in Cape Town

    Hi, Me and my fiancée are planning to have a small wedding in Cape Town (maybe 10-15 people). I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on venues that cater for small weddings as well as recommendations on wedding ministers in the Cape Town region? Thanks :)
  4. D

    Men Suits

    Hi All, Where is the place to buy good quality suites for men (JHB) and also to rent suits for the best men. Not interested in the Armani like suits which will set you back R24k. Looking to spend on average R5 - R8k Thanks
  5. LazyLion

    Cabinet Supports early findings of Gupta Probe

    Cabinet has endorsed the preliminary findings of an investigation into the landing of a private plane linked to the Gupta family at Waterkloof Air Force Base, and said those involved must face sanction. However, no details of the report, handed to Cabinet on Wednesday, have been released yet...
  6. LazyLion

    Cops blow up Gupta gift

    North West - From dried fruit to chocolates from as far afield as North America, Asia and Australia. These were the goodies – packed in exotic containers – which accompanied standard invitation cards sent to the Cabinet ministers and other high-profile guests for the recent wedding of the...
  7. LazyLion

    UK Government unveils its plans for Gay Marriage Interesting how this has become one of the defining issues of politics this year.
  8. LazyLion

    Canada bride dies at 'trash the dress' photoshoot Wow, water makes fabrics heavier? You learn something new everyday! Only some people don't. Edit: They should call it Darwin Park, not Dorwin Park.
  9. LazyLion

    What is your Royal Name - In honour of the Wondrous Event today!

    haha... couldn't really care less about the wedding... but I saw this on Facebook and it came up with some funny combinations... In honor of the big wedding on Friday, use your royal wedding guest name this week. Start with either Lord or Lady, Sir, Earl or Baron. Your first name is one of...
  10. M

    How much to convert this site?

    Hi guys I know there are many of you that do web design/programming etc, so I was wondering what you would charge to convert this site ( It's currently being hosted by, which is expensive, loads heavily(cos it's flash) and I don't have much control over the site...
  11. A

    Engagement Rings

    Hi guys / gals, Just a quick intro. Really going to use this forum to help with my lack of IT knowledge. I need to find a program that is really easy to make webpages...any idea's…? <removed in the interest in keeping this thread on-topic> Thanks Chat soon Craig
  12. Nod

    New Immigration rules cause controversy

  13. LazyLion

    Be careful who you marry - or do it only for love!

    haha... check out these engagements! :D Local Screengrab here...
  14. M

    Website name for wedding photography

    Hi guys My friend will be starting his own photography website soon but will be specializing in wedding photography. He is having trouble coming up with a name for the website/domain. Any suggestions? Most of the cool names have been used before :( TIA
  15. S

    Pictured: Bridegroom writes off £250,000 HIRED supercar on his wedding day.

    LoL @ the spokesman not wanting to comment :D The owners of that company must be miff :D
  16. PhreakBoy

    Wedding Date Blues

    The SO and I have always approached the wedding venue hunting from the angle that we'll find a place we like and then pick a date from the available dates the venue has (instead of picking a date and then trying to find a venue based on that date). The other criteria was that it can not happen...
  17. APoc184

    Wedding invitations.

    Following on my Wedding venue thread. The fiancee again insinuated that I am not giving enough input. She wants ideas for wedding invitations and I have only one in mind. DVD Invitation Pros and cons of this type of invitation? Pros I see: Its not traditional. All the people invited have...
  18. APoc184

    Wedding venue.

    Please help me find a venue or at least some ideas. (my fiancee insinuated that I am not helping enough with arrangements):o We are looking for a venue outside of Pretoria with a predominantly Bushveld look and feel. We are willing to travel as far as Nylstroom where we found the perfect venue...

    Ex-Wife turns very deadly at wedding

    43 People, including children, died in a deadly inferno at a wedding in Kuwait after the groom's ex-wife dozed the tent in which the wedding took place with petrol and set it alight. Today the woman confessed to the crime, and said she did what she did to take revenge on her ex-husband for the...