1. H

    MCSE & MCSA training evening or part time cape town

    Hi Everyone. I was wondering if there is such an training facility, that does evening classes for MCSE and MCSA or maybe on weekends in cape town or surrounds? I know this question is a long shot but taking that into account, I was still wondering if someone maybe knew. Also there is then the...
  2. N

    AWESOME Music to Start The Weekend.

    Hello MyBroadband Listen to This - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTY_dHbLRF0 Really Awesome Music to start the weekend. :D
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    What are you doing this long weekend?

    Any cool plans for the long weekend? Bonus question: if you do have plans but are not looking forward to them, what would you rather be doing?
  4. W

    Help - Safe Camping with Kids

    Hi All So I want to go camping with my 2 boys , ages 3 and 5. My wife is stressing because of studies so thought I could give her some space and use the opportunity to bond with my boys even more with 1 or 2 day camp. I live in Cape Town Do you know of any safe camp sites within about...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Children should be playing more computer games in school

    Children should be playing more computer games in school Specifically, more children should be playing the online game Minecraft.
  6. E

    Can I switch between 2 ADSl ISP's on 1 ADSL line???

    Hey everyone, new here and have a question which needs to be answered. So here is how the story goes... We have finally made the decision to move to uncapped adsl. My parents are leaning towards the Mweb 4mbps standard uncapped account which includes adsl line rental for R449. This deal...
  7. NeonNinja


    How about this: We as consumers pay R300p/m for DSTV Compact. Then from 00:00 on Saturday to 23:59 on Sunday you activate Premium (like 4 x a month). That's like when most sports play and good movies are televised. This method would attract more Compact subscribers and maybe a few Premium...
  8. M

    Probe Ordered After Fake Teen Cop Fools Police, Patrols Chicago