1. homeboy

    whatsapp download failed

    Is there a whatsapp issue at the moment not downloadng meda files. I have 3 different devices, cleared cache , update app software and firmware updates, uninstall whatsapp then reinstalled, and it's not making any difference.
  2. Jan

    How much it costs to send a WhatsApp message in South Africa

    Real costs to send a WhatsApp message in South Africa Sending a WhatsApp text message costs tiny fractions of a cent, while a voice call through the platform can cost you anywhere between 1c and 4c per minute depending on the network and whether data saver mode is enabled, a MyBroadband...
  3. Jan

    WhatsApp group calls get drop-in, drop-out functionality

    Big improvement to WhatsApp group calls WhatsApp group calls now allow users to join at any time during the call. Previously, all the users would have to stand at attention, ready to join the call the moment it started.
  4. Jan

    Using WhatsApp to commit high treason in South Africa - what the law says

    Committing high treason using WhatsApp in South Africa — what the law says Those who incited the recent violence and looting in South Africa could face prison sentences of between six months and thirty years, depending on whether they are found guilty of inciting violations of lockdown...
  5. Hanno Labuschagne

    South Africa's cheapest WhatsApp data bundles

    South Africa's cheapest WhatsApp data bundles South Africa's mobile network operators offer a range of WhatsApp-only data bundles for users who spend lots of time on the platform. WhatsApp is not just the world's most popular messaging app but also a big favourite among South Africans. The...
  6. ronz91

    WhatsApp Multi-device work around discussion

    Hey guys So the WhatsApp multi-device feature recently hit beta but is looking like its gonna be a dud. (see below link) WhatsApp Multi Device support: Big setback likely for users when feature arrives So I was expecting it to allow multiple smartphones, as I am currently on android and...
  7. Jan

    WhatsApp launches beta for new multi-device feature

    New WhatsApp multi-device support WhatsApp is rolling out a limited public beta of its app that includes improved multi-device capability. This will allow the app to be used on other devices without an actively connected smartphone.
  8. Jan

    WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter used to plan and instigate vandalism and looting in South Africa - Report

    WhatsApp used to plan riots in South Africa — Report The masterminds behind widespread looting, arson, and public violence in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng over the last few days used WhatsApp and Telegram to organise attacks on trucks, highways, and businesses. This is according to senior ANC and...
  9. Jan

    MTN clients scammed by fake agents on WhatsApp

    Fake MTN agents use WhatsApp to scam subscribers Many MTN subscribers who looked for support through the company’s social media channels have fallen victim to scammers. One MTN subscriber, Debbie Greyve, who was scammed, shared her story with Carte Blanche. After struggling to resolve a...
  10. Jan

    WhatsApp testing high quality image uploads

    WhatsApp is getting cool new features Recent reports from WABetaInfo have divulged some of the new features currently under development for the world's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp. One of the big changes in the latest beta update for the Android version of the app is the ability to...
  11. Jan

    GB WhatsApp warning in South Africa

    GB WhatsApp in South Africa — what happens when your WhatsApp account is banned Facebook has warned that apps such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and apps that claim to move your WhatsApp chats between phones are unsupported and altered versions of WhatsApp. "These unofficial apps are...
  12. Jan

    WhatsApp settings useful for increasing privacy and security

    6 WhatsApp settings you should change right now With more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular chat app in the world. A study published in the latest Social Media Landscape report by World Wide Worx and Ornico showed that over 93% of Internet users in South Africa...
  13. Jan

    WhatsApp groups for businesses purposes are impacted by POPIA - legal expert

    WhatsApp group admins and POPIA — what you should know The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA or POPI) came into effect on 1 July. The act affects how business WhatsApp groups function but has no impact on personal groups. The POPIA promotes the protection of personal information...
  14. Jan

    Biggest social media and messaging platforms in South Africa - 2021 Social Media Landscape report

    WhatsApp vs Facebook — biggest social platforms in South Africa World Wide Worx and Ornico have released the 2021 Social Media Landscape report, which revealed a big increase in social media uptake in South Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic. It found that there are 25 million active social...
  15. Jan

    WhatsApp rolling out SnapChat-like "view once" feature

    WhatsApp rolling out new "view once" feature for photos and videos WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to send videos or photos that can only be viewed once before they disappear from a chat. According to WABetaInfo, the Snapchat-like capability is now available to...
  16. Jan

    WhatsApp group admins can stop sending around that POPIA message

    No, WhatsApp group admins don't have to send that POPIA message around With the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) set to come into full effect tomorrow, many South African companies have been sending messages to customers to notify them of their rights under the act. This includes...
  17. dawidmsnyders

    5 important things happening in tech today

    5 important things happening in tech today China’s Zhurong rover sent the first footage of its Mars landing as part of the country’s Tianwen-1 space mission. The Delta variant of the coronavirus is taking hold in Portugal, Italy, and Germany in addition to South Africa. Google is launching a...
  18. dawidmsnyders

    5 important things happening in tech today

    5 important things happening in tech today Big tech goes under the microscope later today as six proposed bills to regulate big tech corporations will be voted on by the US House of Representatives. Facebook will expand its ecommerce reach by implementing the "Shops" feature in Whatsapp. Xbox...
  19. Hanno Labuschagne

    WhatsApp vs Telegram - Features and security compared

    WhatsApp vs Telegram - Features and security compared WhatsApp users have until 15 May to decide whether they want to accept Facebook's new terms of service and privacy policy for the platform, or stop using the mobile instant messaging app. Facebook first issued its ultimatum in the first...
  20. Hanno Labuschagne

    WhatsApp privacy policy battle brewing in South Africa

    WhatsApp privacy policy battle brewing in South Africa The Information Regulator of South Africa has informed Parliament that it is considering all its options in its engagements with WhatsApp over the changes it has made to its privacy policy. The Facebook-owned mobile messaging platform...