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    Installing Windows XP on an HP Pavillion 6602EI

    <added by="ic">Moderator note: Please do not edit this post, your edits are triggering an automated anti-spam system which unapproves this post.</added> Okay, so I've got Windows XP up and running on my girlfriends HP Pavillion dv6602ei Laptop. To be perfectly honest it really wasn’t that much...
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    Should I install XP SP3?

    I downloaded it last night, but I'm not sure if I should install it? I've already got all my system updates. Would it be worthwhile for me to install it?
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    Handy tips for XP

    Let your handy tips for XP be known here... feel free to add :) Press Win+L to switch to the Welcome screen. ----- Press Win+L to lock your workstation. ----- You can switch users without going through the Welcome screen: From Task Manager, go to the Users tab, right-click a user, and...