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  1. P

    Win 7 on multicore not faster than XP Well if that 17% benefit can be significant - if 1. it's under all circumstances not just heavy use in >2 core CPUs and 2. CPU power draw is a significant power draw - then Win 7 is beneficial because...
  2. Mars

    XP out of range on boot.

    This is driving me crazy!! I have just re-installed xp pro onto our old dinosaur pc, its basically a terminal. The problem now is, when it boots into windows, half way through the monitor says "Frequency out of range", then the machine reboots. Ok I think, the res is too high. Reboot...
  3. T

    WIFI Connection issues

    Hi, I've been having problems with wifi recently. Various computers running mainly xp and Vista. It seems to be a WPA problem, as when I encrypt things work fine. However, with encryption enabled the connection keeps dropping. This has happened on various routers, at different places. My...
  4. Rouxenator

    A phone with the right OS and CPU - ITG xpPhone
  5. seedat77

    Help: I urgently need a copy of XP Tablet Edition

    I recently bought a Toshiba tablet and need to reload the OS. I urgently need a copy of WIndows XP tablet editon. I'm in the JHB area and am hoping that some kindhearted forumite will be able to lend me a copy. Please, someone help me out here.
  6. CrzWaco

    Windows XP Stuck at 39min, help please.

    hey can someone maybe give me some ideas as to why my windows install gets stuck at ether 39min or 34min, I have just gotten a new Intel motherboard and a new Cpu, I have formatted about 6 times now and still only get to 39/34min. Windows 7 gets to where it needs to unpack and it gets stuck...
  7. T

    As the TOYA Boy Turns
  8. LazyLion

    Microsoft now extends downgrade sales of XP to April 2011 The little OS that wouldn't go away! :D But seriously.... have you tried to activate an XP installation lately? It's getting harder and harder to contact the activation server. Most of the time now...
  9. LCBXX

    Searching for a string inside multiple files

    Is there a way to configure XP/Vista's search function so that it can search for a string/value/etc inside a specifies list of files? Any help will be appreciated.
  10. mh348

    Windows XP Fax Console Error

    I have a problem with the Winsows XP builtin Fax Software. I set it up using a Duxbury external modem that was used for faxing on another PC. When Sending a Fax it dials out but after a while it pops up with an error message saying "There is no answer". I tried several different fax numbers...
  11. LazyLion

    Fixing Windows XP Service Pack 3 Problems... anyway.... you will find all the fixes listed in that article. :)
  12. B

    XP SP3 fail

    Hey guys/gals, Updated my legit XP Pro from SP2 to SP3 last night. all installed/downloaded well, but after the reboot (required reboot) i cant get into windows. It boots just to the point where you would expect the xp logo & loader to show, and then restarts. If I go into safemode and try...
  13. T

    What's 64-bit Windows XP like?

    Been doing a bit of reading up on it, and I'm not so sure what the story is with it compatibiltiy wise etc. currently. Apparently you have to have 64-bit drivers for H/W, so are those reletively abundant or not? Would you say it gives any kind of performance increase over 32-bit, that...
  14. T

    Who would be interested in buying retail Windows XP pro?

    Found a contact overseas that can send them over. They would be Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2. I'm not 100% if they are 32-bit or 64-bit yet, or if I can source both, I'll find out soon. I'm sure I can re sell them for a reasonable amount, but I want to see what people on...
  15. T

    Upgrading to WinXP Pro from Win98se oem version?

    I have a possible source for an upgrade version of XP. AFAIK you can upgrade to XP from Win98se, but I only have an oem version of that. Would this cause the usual problem of not being allowed to install it on another PC at a later time? After removing it from the first PC of course.
  16. rpm

    Microsoft ends XP sales

    Microsoft ends XP sales
  17. O

    Mac OS X unexpectedly quits when iBurst USB modem plugged in

    My MacBook is a dual boot machine with Windows XP SP3 and Mac OS X 10.5 ( I am in the process of very slowly updating to 10.5.3). Last night I was able to connect to the internet on both Windows and Leopard. But now when I boot my MacBook in Leopard with the USB iBurst modem plugged in or I...
  18. T

    Don't seem to have all space on my new HDD...

    I just got a 250gb SATA2 drive and have installed Windows XP on it, but in windows disk management it says I only have 128gb. I know drives don't have their full marketed capacit but surely that's not the issue here? It has 250 printed on the label so it must be the right drive. Is it...
  19. D

    Service Pack 3 ... Problems????

    I just installed windows service pack 3 after a clean installation of windows SP2.... Here's my questions? Does SP3 include IE7 because after my installation xp still has IE6...and suddenly after SP3 install I can't do windows updates anymore (since they fail on installation after...
  20. spacemuis

    Disable Windows auto-run for USB/Flash drives and stop trojans

    Hi, After battling a nasty trojan infection on an external drive that was shared between three laptops, I can recommend that you all consider disabling Windows' auto-run feature on external hard drives and USB flash drives. Wow! What a hassle - we relied on AVG's free antivirus which I now...