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  1. J

    Critical security flaw in Windows 7 and Windows XP

    Critical security flaw in Windows 7 and Windows XP Microsoft announced that it has issued a patch for a major security flaw in Windows XP and Windows 7. The company urged users to download the latest Windows update for the affected systems, which fixes a critical remote code execution...
  2. J

    Windows XP is well and truly dead

    Windows XP is well and truly dead Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, the last supported operating system based on Windows XP, stopped being supported as of Monday. TechRepublic reports that although Windows XP stopped being supported five years ago, the use of POSReady 2009 allowed users to...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    The risk of still running Windows XP

    The risk of still running Windows XP A virus attack on the computer system of a hospital network is cause for concern because it affected machines running Microsoft’s Windows XP.
  4. M

    Business Friendly Alternative To Proprietary Systems for Noobs

    A layman's guide for laymen; experienced Linux geeks please give this a wide berth, it is not for you. I have compiled this because these are the things needed by newcomers and it can take very long to find a practical solution. This could save newbies time & effort! :D Linux is easier to...
  5. jes

    Windows XP support ends

    Windows XP support ends Microsoft releases its final security updates for Windows XP and Office 2003
  6. QuintonB

    Windows XP support is ending - here's how to stay secure

    How to securely use Windows XP after support ends Gartner has published a list of 10 best practices if you keep using Windows XP beyond its end-of-support date today
  7. jes

    Microsoft ending support for Windows XP

    Microsoft ending support for Windows XP Microsoft has announced that it is ending support for the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014.
  8. M

    Windows XP and Firefox take 25-year lead in security flaws

  9. N

    WANTED: Windows XP

    Greetings all I've got old hardware that besides the harddrive that recently failed, is still running nicely. Scanner etc still working well and no need or desire to replace any of it. I had to replace the harddrive and somehow managed to loose my original XP CD. Retailers I've called so far...
  10. jes

    Windows 8 launch pricing for South Africa emerges

    Windows 8 launch pricing for South Africa emerges Incredible Connection has revealed its launch pricing for Windows 8
  11. R

    Is it worth moving from XP to Windows 7? (performance and responsiveness).

    I'm mostly looking for experiences of people who moved from XP to 7 on the same machines. Although, anything helpful is appreciated. I'm finally considering the move to Windows 7. I think it's mainly because I could use a change in scenery. I've been putting it off because I've always been...
  12. NomNom

    [URGENT] Fix Windows XP Boot

    Ok long story short, I botched up dual booting windows xp pro with another windows xp pro and now when I try and get into the original windows xp pro install I get a blank screen with a blinking _ at the top left. I have tried EVERYTHING like: fixmbr fixboot bootcfg /rebuild copy...
  13. S

    Help! My flag column in XP has disappeared

    My incoming mail flag column in Outlook XP has disappeared. How do I get it back? I have tried field chooser, but cant find it. Some setting must have changed.
  14. NomNom

    Program to Copy a Program ..:/

    Hi there Does anyone know of a program that can copy a program and it's registry keys ect so that it would work if I copy it from Windows XP to Windows 7? The program in question is called Dalet Plus, but thus far I have been unable to get it working on Windows 7 64bit, unfortunately I...
  15. NomNom

    How much is this worth??

    So I was given the task of selling one of these: It has been opened but the owner (old lady) assures me that the serial has never been used cause they realized that it was only an upgrade version and not a full version...
  16. NomNom

    The Epic Mission To Upgrade From XP To 7

    Ok so I have been reading into this for some time and apparently it should work. My mission is simply this: To upgrade a Windows XP Professional SP3 PC to Windows 7 Professional. Obviously the problem is simple; it can not be done directly. My plan is this: Upgrade from Windows XP Professional...
  17. J

    can i connect to other wifi networks,by using netgear wifi router only,no wifi card

    hi, i have windows xp sp3 and netgear G 54 wifi adsl router 802.11g i managed to setup the router by going into and i can connect my blackberry to this router my question is, is there a way...
  18. BigAl-sa

    VBox: Ubuntu host; XP guest; copy and paste picture

    Anyone out there got any ideas how to copy a pic in the host and get to paste in the guest? It looks as though copying anything other than simple text does not work??
  19. Rouxenator

    Lubuntu not getting the same BOINC points as on XP

    I played around with Ubuntu on a old 2Ghz P4 that I had laying around and after two days of sluggish Ubuntu performance I switched to Lubuntu and then left the PC running BOINC for a while. Look at the Best five days scores it seems that the computer is less productive running Linux than it...
  20. S

    Computer dies while installing Windows XP

    Hey guys I am trying to install Windows XP Pro on an old Meccer laptop. I insert the installation disk, boot from CD, run setup. Then delete the existing partition, re-create it, and format using NTFS Quick. It then says "Please wait while Setup copies files to the windows...