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    Home Network Installers

    Hey everyone, I am installing FTTH 100/100 through Vumatel at my home. I am looking for installers to install a home network. Someone who can also possibly advise as to how to achieve the best speeds and who also has experience in setting up a media system :-) Below is what I need ...
  2. G

    Using Telkom Mega-100WR2 as a wired wifi extender?

    I want to extend the Wi-Fi that is currently on my top floor down to my bottom floor. I am using the Mega-100WR2 as a modem and an access point and I was wondering, if I bought another Mega-100WR2, would it be possible to connect Mega 2 with Mega 1, and share Mega 1's internet with Mega 2? I...
  3. R13...

    TP-LINK MR3420

    The wireless LAN on my laptop doesn't pick up the wireless AP for some or other reason. It doesn't pick up the tp-link or a phone's hotspot. My question is, is it possible to use a wired connection with this router? I tried it last night, but while it connects, it doesn't go to the internet...
  4. jes

    Is the world wide web dying?

    Is the internet dying? The internet is surprisingly prone to old fashioned maladies such as superstition, rumour and wild speculation
  5. R

    Alleged Wikileaks source arrested

    The alleged source for the air-strike video posted by Wikileaks in their Collateral Murder section has been arrested. Brad Manning, the alleged source, is a security analyst with the US Army and was stationed in Baghdad. According to the story, Manning also leaked 260 000 diplomatic...
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    Wired notebook mouse

  7. rpm

    Wired for wealth

    Wired for wealth