1. N

    Jacob Zuma, Mbokodo and the death of Thami Zulu

    Paul Trewhela writes: This is an important article, pointing out to us: The role of Jacob Zuma in a very shady affair (yet another one...); The ANC's long-running tendency to hide, obscure and lie about its mistakes, missteps and murders; The fact that Jacob Zuma is going to be...
  2. E

    Concerned Citizen

    I would like to know why are people supporting Zuma? What has he ever done for the country? Does his trail concerning corruption resonate with some of the lower income people of South Africa? Do they see him as one of them, being unfairly treated by other people in South Africa? The majority...
  3. N

    Motlanthe collapses after strings cut, ANC mulls new puppet

  4. N

    Zuma trial to go ahead, SA judges rush for Australian visas

  5. F

    SA can beat Aids in a decade says AIDS shower boy Zuma

    SA can beat Aids in a decade - Zuma
  6. B

    Dissidents marrying DA - Zuma

    Let me try a bit of commenting here. http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/Politics/0,,2-7-12_2426075,00.html So he agrees that people are leaving the ANC and will be voting for another party which is not the ANC. Normally politicos are worried about losing votes to other parties. So...
  7. LazyLion

    Is the ANC split lining up along Tribal lines?

    I have not seen anyone in the news addressing this, but it seems to me that the Zuma camp are mostly Zulus, and the newly devloping ANC rebel party are mostly Xhosa (Cape and Eastern Cape). I dunno where the Sotho sit in all of this... but anyway. Could this be the start of Tribal warfare, or...
  8. V

    NPA files Nicholson appeal

    Johannesburg - The National Prosecuting Authority filed papers in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Tuesday seeking leave to appeal against the judgment handed down by Judge Chris Nicholson earlier this month. Here we go again...