2020 Rimac C Two


Honorary Master
Aug 9, 2009
TG's best electric performance car: the Rimac Nevera

Electric Awards 2022: the Nevera is next-generation stuff in *this* generation

Why did you give the Rimac Nevera an award?

Because thus far, the Nevera lives up to the hype, and delivers some genuine surprise. You may not be suffused with desire for a supercar without a V8 or V12, but there’s something special about the way this car goes about its business - if you’re reading Top Gear because you love driving, the Nevera is a warm promise as well as a perceived threat. No, not particularly comparable to the traditional super or hypercar experience, but no less valid for that. This is next-generation stuff in this generation, and Rimac is the original source. Others are coming, Rimac is the first.