Absolute Confusion (5G)


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Oct 22, 2020
So I have been in contact with Rain for a bit now, trying to sort out tower hopping issues as well as some weird speed and stability troubles since changing from NSA to SA. Long story short, an amazing technician came out a week ago and things improved quite a bit. The issues still persist somewhat though and that is what I am now trying to resolve. This is the last response I received from Rain.

Am I completely missing something in terms of a better signal intensity (which I have) being more desirable than a worse one (the -75dBm the rain person suggests)? Am I also completely missing something in thinking it makes sense for there not to be LTE stats as the CPE is in standalone mode? We sat testing locations around the house for a good day last week and I'm fairly certain there is nothing wrong with these signal statistics - besides the signal quality maybe being a little low due to being near the edge of the coverage cone.
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Jun 3, 2020
Hi, your signal is great. Please PM me your details and let me see what is going on.