1. Vorastra

    [Canada] Proposed 'Rain Tax' Sparks Anger Online

  2. J

    Unable to configure Rain APN settings

    How would one fix Rain APN settings? Everything was working fine on the (old) phone until I put a Rain 4G sim in. Now I just get the error message: Access Point Name settings are not available for this user. No matter what I do, I can't fix it. And while on the topic of Rain 4G telephony...
  3. Tris Fitz

    Router continuously restarting

    Hi there, I need some assistence with my router - I have logged a few tickets via their app yet never get any response from the ticket (latest ticket is #15264238) For a while now my router randomly, at any time of the day will just restart, it usually only takes a few minutes to boot back up...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    Vodacom, MTN, and other big mobile networks share plans for 2024

    Vodacom, MTN, and other big mobile networks share plans for 2024 South Africa's mobile network operators (MNOs) have new products, 5G expansions, rural rollouts, and enhanced load-shedding mitigation measures on their agendas in 2024. That is according to feedback provided by the country's...
  5. Yoda Arain

    Big Data for Cheap

    I live in an area where there's no fiber, DSL, etc. But LTE service is exceptionally good. I've tested @vodacom, MTN, and @Cell_C (MTN). I'm looking for a high-volume bundle, but with the condition of being most economical. I rely on 200 GB for R349 from Vodacom, or R399 from MTN, or 100 GB for...
  6. Hanno Labuschagne

    GeForce Now officially launched in SA — with two subscription options

    GeForce Now officially launched in SA — with two subscription options Rain has announced the official launch of Nvidia's GeForce Now service in South Africa, with prices starting at R200 per month. The launch follows the service's successful beta testing over the past few months.
  7. Rainpall


    Hey all! I am speechless... I posted the following on Rain's FB, because the chance of witnessing a clowncar crashing into another clowncar on the N2 is more probable than speaking to anyone at Rain with any knowledge of anything. I've contacted rain South Africa via your support page, I've...
  8. pratlou

    Is Rain The Ultimate Bidder For Telkom’s Masts And Towers Business, Swiftnet?

    If the ARC Investment deal with Telkom works out, it could signify a strategic move for Rain and ARC against major masts and towers companies, IHS and American Tower. https://techfinancials.co.za/2023/12/01/is-rain-the-ultimate-bidder-for-telkoms-masts-and-towers-business-swiftnet/?amp=1 
  9. Hanno Labuschagne

    GeForce Now South African beta ending after this week

    GeForce Now South African beta ending after this week Rain's Nvidia GeForce Now beta is coming to an end on 4 December 2023, and the company has urged testers to keep their eyes peeled for an official launch date. Rain sent email and SMS notifications to its Nvidia GeForce Now beta testers on...
  10. Jan

    Nvidia GeForce Now officially launches support for Game Pass

    Nvidia GeForce Now adds support for Microsoft Game Pass Nvidia GeForce Now subscribers can now link their Xbox accounts to the cloud streaming service for easier access to PC Game Pass titles, the company announced. The addition of the feature is part of a ten-year deal between Microsoft and...
  11. Hanno Labuschagne

    MTN and Rain can take part in hearing on Vodacom-Vuma merger

    MTN and Rain can take part in hearing on Vodacom-Vuma merger The Competition Tribunal has granted MTN and Rain leave to intervene in the pending hearing about a proposed transaction between Vodacom and Maziv. Maziv owns Vumatel and Dark Fibre Africa.
  12. DuduRose

    Rain 5G sim not working on router

    My Rain 5G sim says no connection/ invalid sim on the router however it is working fine on my phone, May I get this merged back to my router I have tried rebooting and resetting my router, and still nothing is happening, in a few days my payment is due and money will be deducted for a router...
  13. Jan

    Rain increases prices for new subscribers

    Rain price hikes for new customers Mobile network operator Rain has quietly increased the base price of its RainOne packages for new customers. The adjustment coincides with the launch of its new 5G smart router — dubbed the101 — which will ship as a free-to-use device with new RainOne orders.
  14. S

    Enabling the raintalk app on a Huawei P9 Lite (and maybe other older devices)

    TL : DR -> Don't set raintalk as your default dialler. Only then will it start working, and you'll be able to make and receive calls with it, including via wifi connection. Tested on a Huawei P9 Lite, EMUI 5.0.4, Android 7.0. Greetings So I have a 6-year-old Huawei P9 Lite, running Android...
  15. GeeBeez

    Rain Bullying

    @rain_mobile @rain_networks is now bullying me via PM. They want me to pay supposed "due" bills for a service that has not been used in the last 2-3 years. How can we owe anything when we cancelled the service and they never even sent an email or tried to debit my account. It really shows the...
  16. GeeBeez

    Rain Cancellation

    My underaged son Just received an email from rain telling him that we owe them money and he has been handed over to easton berry and ass. @rain_mobile @rain_network I phoned rain, who has no coverage in our area and was told that I may not talk to the accounts department as they, today 24...
  17. Hanno Labuschagne

    Climate change blamed for Western Cape rain and floods

    Climate change blamed for Western Cape rain and floods Climate change intensified the torrential rain and flooding that’s swept South Africa’s Western Cape over the past two days, claiming at least 11 lives and forcing the evacuation of about 1,000 low-lying homes, the region’s top officials...
  18. ZimaDigi

    My Apple devices are not able to use internet from the Rain 5G plan.

    My family and have been using Rain for a year and half, and ever since we started using the ISP, none of our Apple devices (3 iPhones, an iPad and a Macbook) have been able to use the internet. Even when we have guests that use iPhones, they experience the same problems. They connect to the...
  19. M

    GeForce Now signup troubles

    Today I got a mail from Rain saying I can take part in the Nvidia GeForce Now beta. So I signed up on the Rain site, paid and installed the GeForce Now app, but in the app, when trying to launch a game, it tells me I need to choose a package. This takes me to the Rain site which asks me to log...
  20. dorinda

    Broken router - no response

    My router has been broken since sunday. The whole weekend it was giving issues with connection with no internet available. I have reported on sunday when router died that its not working. I have phoned uesterday and today but only saying that the relevent department will contact me. I have...