1. Jan

    Rain Unlimited Home 5G Basic service tested

    New R499 Rain 5G service tested — with impressive results Rain's new Unlimited Home 5G Basic service, which costs R499 per month, is an excellent option for people who want an affordable, uncapped broadband service for their home. This was MyBroadband's finding after we tested the product in a...
  2. Jan

    What Rain is doing to make sure its 5G network doesn't struggle like 4G

    Rain's cheap uncapped 5G — learning from its 4G mistakes Rain is ensuring that there is enough capacity on its 5G network to sustain the rollout of its cheaper uncapped package for R499 per month. “As we roll out the network, we add coverage and capacity,” Rain CEO Brandon Leigh told MyBroadband.
  3. Jan

    Network operators should not be taking advantage of Covid-19 pandemic for spectrum - Rain CEO

    Vodacom and MTN trying to exploit Covid–19 disaster — Rain CEO Mobile network operators in South Africa should not be taking advantage of the Covid–19 pandemic to gain access to precious radio frequency spectrum, Rain CEO Brandon Leigh has told MyBroadband. Leigh said that Rain agrees with the...
  4. Jan

    Why ARC dropped Rain's valuation by R791 million

    Why Rain's valuation dropped by R791 million Rain’s valuation dropped by R791 million in six months because of challenging economic conditions, increased forecasted network investments, and increased employee cost. African Rainbow Capital’s (ARC’s) financial statements for the year ended 30...
  5. Jan

    Rain's new 5G deals are much cheaper than Vodacom and MTN

    New Rain 5G deals crush Vodacom and MTN's offers Rain's uncapped 5G data packages offer significant savings over similar packages from MTN and Vodacom. Rain recently released an affordable, uncapped 5G data plan that offers speeds of up to 25Mbps for home use at R499 per month.
  6. Jan

    Rain is profitable and on track to generate R1 billion EBITDA this year

    Rain on track to make R1 billion this year ARC co-CEO Johan van Zyl said Rain has been profitable in 2021 and is set to generate R1 billion in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) this year. Speaking to investors, van Zyl said if Rain did not accelerate the...
  7. Jan

    Rain’s valuation drops to R16.357 billion

    Rain’s valuation takes a hit — but it is still over R16 billion African Rainbow Capital (ARC) released its financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2021, which revealed that it values Rain at R16.357 billion. ARC owns a 20.26% stake in Rain, down from 20.7% a year ago. The value of its...
  8. Jan

    Affordable new Rain uncapped 5G package for R499 per month

    Rain launches cheap 5G package — R499 per month Rain has introduced a new Home Basic 5G service that offers download speeds of up to 25Mbps for R499 per month. It has also increased the maximum speed of its standard package from 30Mbps to 50Mbps, together with a marginal increase in price of...
  9. Jan

    South African consumers the biggest losers in Icasa spectrum auction delay

    The biggest loser — South Africa's cellphone network users Vodacom says it is extremely disappointing that the fourth attempt by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) to licence high-demand spectrum has failed. The mobile network operator said it was especially...
  10. Jan

    We tested mobile networks in Springbok and Pofadder

    Vodacom and MTN tested in Pofadder — and the winner is clear MyBroadband Insights recently tested the mobile network quality in several smaller towns in the Northern Cape while en route to larger cities for its quarterly drive testing. Network coverage and data throughput tests are conducted...
  11. S

    Rain routing changes to Middle East servers

    I am wondering why RAIN keeps randomly change their routing to the Middle East server! Now and then I play games like Overwatch or Apex in Middle East servers because they are the closest server to South Africa and usually I have about 160 ping then randomly RAIN does its things and I get 300+...
  12. Jan

    Load-shedding backup systems for R50,000 used by Cool Ideas co-founder Paul Butschi and Rain CTO Gustav Schoeman

    The R50,000 load-shedding backup systems used by Rain and Cool Ideas execs Rain chief technology officer Gustav Schoeman and Cool Ideas co-owner Paul Butschi are among the many South Africans who have installed backup power solutions at their homes to fight load-shedding. Numerous households...
  13. Jan

    Potch gets Rain 5G before bigger cities

    First town in South Africa gets Rain 5G — ahead of Durban Rain has launched 5G in Potchefstroom in the North West province, ahead of Durban, East London, and Gqeberha. The launch of 5G in Potchefstroom follows an announcement by Rain in May that it plans to cover 5,000 new households with 5G...
  14. Jan

    How much it costs to send a WhatsApp message in South Africa

    Real costs to send a WhatsApp message in South Africa Sending a WhatsApp text message costs tiny fractions of a cent, while a voice call through the platform can cost you anywhere between 1c and 4c per minute depending on the network and whether data saver mode is enabled, a MyBroadband...
  15. Jan

    Patrice Motsepe's business empire

    All the companies Patrice Motsepe owns Patrice Motsepe is one of South Africa’s most successful businessmen with shareholdings in many of the country’s top companies, including Sanlam, Rain, Alexander Forbes, and TymeBank. Motsepe is also a shareholder in Mamelodi Sundowns and the Blue Bulls...
  16. Jan

    MyBroadband Mobile Network Quality Report for Q2 2021 released

    South Africa's best mobile network revealed — and one operator stands out MyBroadband Insights has released the Q2 2021 Mobile Network Quality Report, which shows that MTN has the best mobile network in South Africa. The report is based on 304,001 speed tests which were performed by thousands...
  17. T

    Viability of using mobile broadband as backup for remote work

    Is mobile broadband stable enough to be used as a backup for remote work? My primary internet is fibre, but wanted to have a backup internet connection in the event that my fibre connection is down. Was thinking about using Rain, but heard that some people have been experiencing problems. If so...
  18. A

    Rain throttling speeds unnecessarily

    So there aren't that many people using in my area, so there's no point in throttling the speeds and displeasing their customers. I switched from the off-peak unlimited to the 24/7 unlimited deal, and I am so frustrated with the slow speeds i'm getting. I would understand why they would throttle...
  19. Hanno Labuschagne

    Rain plans to add 5G coverage to 5,000 new households per day in 2021

    Rain plans to add 5G coverage to 5,000 new households per day in 2021 Mobile network operator Rain plans to accelerate its 5G network rollout to cover an estimated 5,000 new households each day for the rest of the year, the company has told MyBroadband. Based on these figures, it aims to add...
  20. I

    Cancel Rain 5G Service

    I have logged a request last week already trying to cancel my 5G service since I no longer need it. It logged a ticket when cancelling and said someone would contact me but still nothing. I need this canceled as I don't want to pay for a service that I am not going to be using. I am not sure if...