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Sep 26, 2018
I recently signed up with Absolute Hosting and decided I will post a review of them.

TL;DR: Absolutely amazing features at great prices with the best customer service I have ever received from any hosting provider. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hosting provider with great support at affordable prices and an amazing feature set. If I had to give them a rating out of 10 they would get a solid 10/10 from me.

Shared Hosting:
I mainly develop my websites and client websites/applications in ASP .NET or .NET Core so I was looking for a hosting company that can provide a Windows environment that supports these technologies. That is when I stumbled across Absolute Hosting, I had a look at their Windows shared hosting and was immediately attracted by their feature set and the price of the packages. The other standout feature that I noticed was that their shared hosting is stored M.2 SSD's. This isn't a feature that I have noticed before so it was another +1 for them.

I eventually decided on the, "WINDOWS SSD RUTHENIUM" package and signed up. My account was setup immediately and I got access to the client area where I got an overview of my services. It took ±10 minutes for my hosting package to be activated after which I received an email from the ZACR to confirm the transfer of my domain from Afrihost to Absolute Hosting. I was able to access my files and email accounts immediately. Once the DNS propagated I was able to browse to my website without issue. The loading speeds are absolutely fantastic - which I can attribute to the M.2 SSD's they are using.

For the management of your hosting package, they provide you with a solidcp control panel:

The control panel is easy to use and very intuitive - you can do anything from setting up an email account to manage your databases. Another plus for me is that they allow remote access to your database which most other Windows providers such as Axxess and Afrihost don't provide. This makes it much easier to backup, restore and manage production databases. All in all I am very happy with their shared hosting and the control panel they provide.

Dedicated Server:
After purchasing my shared hosting package and migrating all my domains across I came across their VPS hosting, I opened the live char (which was answered immediately) and asked a couple of questions regarding the VPS'es. The support agent then convinced me that a dedicated server would be more suited to my needs (running a docker environment with CI and a bunch of other containers). The support agent advised that they had a special for Black Friday on their SuperMicro Server E5-2650 servers, and asked if I would be interested in the 50% off special which they so kindly extended for me so that I can make use of it.

One of the features that caught my eye is that the servers come with unlimited bandwidth - the only restrictions being that the server cannot be used for proxies or torrenting which is understandable (sorry for those of you that wanted to use it as a local seedbox). The server also comes with a public IPv4 address, I would have like to have seen IPv6 networking but I know that SA is a bit behind on the take up of IPv6 so the carrier network might not support it. Once I received access to the server I ran a speedtest to see what connection I am dealing with and it would appear that the dedicated servers come with a 100Mbps connection:

Absolute Hosting also provides you with an easy to use control panel to manage your dedicated server. You can reboot, shutdown, reset and re-install the OS from the control panel. You can also access the KVM console from here. Your KVM console/IPMI access is behind a VPN so you can rest assured that someone isn't going to brute force their way into your KVM/IPMI. I received the VPN details after the server was provisioned and OS installed. This brings me to my last and possibly most important point.

Customer Service:
I was initially surprised by the quick response times on the live chat when I first visited their website which was already a good sign to me. When I signed up for my shared hosting they responded to my ticket within 15 minutes explaining how to move my domains across and the procedures I should follow to get everything set up smoothly. I ran into some issues transferring one of my domains from Afrihost to them and the support team was there assisting me in anyway they can. They provided contacts at the ZACR to contact to lodge a formal complain against Afrihost for not allowing me to transfer my domain.

There was a small issue in provisioning my dedicated server where their auto-provisioning server did not want to work. They immediately informed me of the issue and advised that they will need to provision my server manually. They worked on the issue from 15:00 until 23:00 when my server was finished provisioning. I received constant updates as the provisioning was progressing throughout the afternoon/evening. The support team usually only works until 17:00 but they went the extra mile and stayed after hours to ensure that my server was ready as soon as possible.

In general their support team was quick to respond, knew what was happening and was always willing to go the extra mile to help where they can. They hands down have the best customer service and support of any hosting provider that I have used in the past few years, and I have used many providers (Axxess, Afrihost, 1-grid, WebAfrica and Hetzner) and packages ranging from linux shared hosting all the way through to windows dedicated servers. You can send them your requirements and they will be able to tell you what hosting package you will need and you will most likely get some discount on top of that as well - which is always great.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for hosting with great support at affordable prices and an amazing feature set.

Jade @ Absolute Hosting

Absolute Hosting Representative
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Nov 17, 2015
Dear -TachyonRSA

WOW WOW WOW - what an awesome review.
Thank you sooo much for providing us with the opportunity to host your sites, domains and everything else in between!

Truly humbled by the kind words presented within your review and I have passed a congrats on to all those that assisted you.