1. Nod

    Ariel Nomad R (2020) review: super charger

  2. Tsepz_GP

    Huawei Matebook X Pro

    So I have had the Matebook X Pro for a few weeks and it has been an interesting experience as I am not big on laptops. Typically I just have the one from work and then there is one here at home that we share, a 3 year old HP, funnily enough my work laptop is also an HP, I am sick of both them as...
  3. A

    Synology DS220j NAS Review

    I was recently gifted a NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit, the DS220j made by Synology. Having never owned a NAS before, the most I knew about it was what the acronym stood for, and that it was like having a hard drive connected to the internet. It is a very cool and useful gift, so I decided...
  4. ijacobs3

    Synology DS220j NAS Review

    Afternoon Folks, i was one the lucky people to get my hands on one , first review of a product so here goes.... The Grand Opening The unit was neatly packaged, easily removed, with no silly stickers holding everything closed. Provided manual covered in detail the opening of the unit ( not the...
  5. J

    Anyone have any experience with Parrot projectors

    Been looking at some of the LED Parrot projectors, prices seem good, perhaps too good. Has anyone used any of these and should they be avoided or are they a decent option for entry level home theatre setup?
  6. rubber_otter

    Quarantined with the P40 Pro

    Day 0: Lockdown is imminent. I have just gotten my Huawei P40 Pro in the nick of time. It’s a 256GB, 8GB RAM, Matte grey version. I unbox it. This thing is heavy. I like it. I quickly run through the set up and immediately fire up the camera. The 90Hz screen makes everything smoother than...
  7. KingBeven

    MediaDevelopments Now Spams for New Clients

    A thing I've recently noticed is happing more and more is companies spamming contact forms to pitch their services. Now if you are not intelligent enough or too lazy to do the work required to set up a functional cold email campaign then you shouldn't be working in this space. This morning a...
  8. -TachyonRSA

    Website Review

    Good day, I am starting a small web development company and would like some opinions about my website. I would appreciate any feedback you guys might have. The website can be found here: Thanks in advance!
  9. P

    Active Fibre ISP

    Is anyone using the ISP Active Fibre? I'm struggling to find reviews and would love to have some feedback. Their prices and benefits seems very good but is it worth avoiding leading ISP's like Rocketnet and Cool Ideas? Your feedback is appreciated.
  10. -TachyonRSA

    Absolute Hosting Review

    I recently signed up with Absolute Hosting and decided I will post a review of them. TL;DR: Absolutely amazing features at great prices with the best customer service I have ever received from any hosting provider. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hosting provider with great...
  11. D

    2012 Hyundai Elantra Advice Needed

    Hi Everyone, I currently drive a 2007 MB CLK500. I am looking to move to a cheaper vehicle as the Petrol price and work driving (Big 4 Consultant) is really taking a toll on my budget. I am considering a 2012 Hyundai Elantra 1.8 GLS Auto. I know that it won 2012 compact saloon of the...
  12. riverdusty

    Sym XS200 Blaze Review needed please

    Looking at Anybody know this bike and can give me review or advice? This is for a 22km daily round trip commute. My MotoMia Java170 has finally given up, heh. nearly 20 000km, so time for replacement.
  13. Q

    New TV - KU7350 any good?

    Hi all, We're looking to buy a new TV, it must however be through Makro since I converted my e-bucks into vouchers :-\ I can't find any reviews of this exact model, is it any good? KU7350 I'm only find review for the KU7500 range. Makro got it on special for R12999 Most of the time...
  14. X

    Need opinions on a website

    Thank you for your time and review, it is appreciated
  15. R

    Do mist fans work?

    I'm thinking about buying one of those mist fans/humidifier fans because my normal fan dries out my chest and throat. Has anyone used one of these and which brand have you used? Do they actually work, or is it a waste of money?
  16. L

    Blackview BV6000 opinions

    Has anybody any experience with the BlackView BV6000?
  17. Rouxenator

    Cool Car Videos

    See a nice video about cars you want to share? An awesome bit of dashcam footage? Maybe an insane drag strip video? Cool review featuring automotive legends? Clips of crazy stunts? All of that goes here. To start, how cool is this VS video?
  18. M

    Deloitte Joins Adobe And Accenture In Dumping Performance Reviews

    Deloitte Joins Adobe And Accenture In Dumping Performance Reviews
  19. Rouxenator


    Does anyone have a Mobicell phone? They seem to be quite popular at outlets such as Pep / Jet and more recently online at Takealot. I decided to try it out and see if it is any good. The model I opted from is the Mobicell Retro which sells...
  20. S

    CrystalWeb review.

    Hi there ,I'm thinking of switching to CrysalWeb 4mb/s uncapped home premium from Telkom. Has anybody have experience with them as your ISP ? Are they better than Telkom , worth switching too ? Do they throttle or softcap you internet connection after you've downloaded or used more than 120GB...