ADSL Modem - Maximum Users


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Aug 19, 2005

I was wondering whether there's any maximum (best practice) number of users that should be connecting to ADSL through a consumer-grade all-in-one (eg. DSL-2750U/Netgear DGN2200M) ADSL modem.

Currently there's a Billion in place in the office, serving 40-50 users and the connection is unstable. Put two separate wireless routers in front of it to divide up the wireless traffic so the next thing I suspect is the modem.

Should one need to use a Cisco 800 series/similar? Or should the D-Link/Billion/Netgears cope without much of an issue?



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Nov 7, 2011
We have over 700 devices accessing internet through a NetGear DGN2200 modem/router that we got with Telkom Business 10Mb uncapped. (How they call that a business solution is beyond me, no static IP's and a home modem/router....) We do not use the wireless feature on that router, wireless is taken care of by 6 Cisco AP's connected to a controller (For about 80 wireless users) Only traffic going over the netgear would be http, https and ftp.

The line's main function is to serve as a backup line if our mweb adsl 10Mb uncapped goes down, the mweb line has a cisco router.... both do the same speeds, about 6 - 7Mb down.... and handle the 10000+ sessions through them fine...

Two wireless AP's for 40 - 50 users are not enough, I would add one or two more...
But then again maybe the billion cannot handle all the sessions through it...
If I look at our firewall an IPad easily creates 700 sessions alone, laptops around 100 - 400, android devices around 300, fark knows why an Ipad make so many sessions...