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  1. C

    Setting up secure network using a shared wifi?

    I'm hoping someone with better networking experience can confirm that I buy the right gadget to set up a secure (separate) internal network at our new offices. We are moving into shared offices and included in our rent is access to their wifi. But I don't want an open network for obvious...
  2. L

    Best Cell Network for Cape Town is?

    What is the best Cell network to use for Cape Town area, I move travel a lot during the days and Telkom Mobile just doesn't do it for me anymore.
  3. T

    Boosting my home network

    Hi I've had fibre for about 2 years, and frankly the out of the box experience seems to fail on the final 10%. The actual hardware I have probably just needs a small tweak in order to work a whole lot better. I have a Raycore RC-CP9 router plugged into the glass, from this, there was 2m of...
  4. S

    [Sale] J5create Boomerang Station (JUD480) - USB 3.0 docking station

    Item: J5create Boomerang Station (JUD480) - USB 3.0 docking station Age: 3 years Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: Very good - works perfectly Location: Lenasia, Johannesburg Reason: No longer needed. Price: R500 Shipping: At your cost Collection: Yes and preferred Allows you to...
  5. T

    Telkom network coverage - still sharing with MTN?

    Our whole family migrated to Telkom last year because of the great packages, and generally reception was not bad. Lately have noticed huge drop off in coverage, with either poor or no reception. Have also noticed that MTN no longer comes up on the screen as an alternative netwrok to Telkom, are...
  6. P

    Need a server or similar type solution for small business

    Based in Pretoria. I have tried exploring various options as to enable my small business to grow a bit but it seems no-one interested to assist unless I want to drop a R 100k on a server! I dont mind spending but dont have that kind of money. Problem: Have a desktop in my office running...
  7. M

    Paradox IP150 configuration issue

    Hi guys, I have installed a new Paradox system (MG5050 plus IP150) at home. All went well, including getting the IP150 connected and using Babyware to connect to the panel and configure the system. BUT - I have a strange issue: I cannot seem to get to connect PROPERLY to the IP150 web...
  8. S

    Networking Assignment Urgent Help Needed!!!

    Hey guys. I am new to the Mybroadband community and would like to know if someone will be able to assist me with the following. My boy has a assignment due as he is studying Neworking and I was wondering if some clever It guru can assist with the following? It would be greatly appreciated. He...
  9. Jamie McKane

    Monitoring network traffic more efficiently

    Monitoring network traffic more efficiently A programming language plus simple circuit design could let routers report on their own operation.
  10. S

    Network Tool Case

    Am looking to buy a reasonably priced network tool case. What brands should I look for and price and where can I buy one?
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    AT&T announces “5G Evolution” – and it is utter nonsense

    AT&T announces “5G Evolution” – and it is utter nonsense US network operator AT&T has announced the launch of “5G Evolution” in Texas, with plans to launch in 20 metros by the end of 2017.
  12. S

    Modem/router combo VS modem + router home network

    Hi I am looking to improve my home network, I am using a telkom supplied D-link adsl-2750u . I use it to connect my smart tv, xbox , 2 laptops and 3 cellphones to the internet and home network. So do i buy a 'future proof' modem/router combo or a 'future proof' router and stick with my old...
  13. Z

    Computer Sponsorship for School

    Good Day MYBB Members. I know that it is against the MYBB rules to ask for donations, so before I am banned. What I would like to know is if anyone could point me in the right direction for sponsorship for three computers to be used by the educators at my school. We currently have to use the...
  14. S

    Obtaining IP Address...

    I have a small issue with my phone... I can't connect to my work wifi via my Samsung Grand Neo Plus... It just says obtaining IP Address and then says failed to connect... the connection is strong and every other device works well. Connects well to Vast and Always on and home wifi... I have...
  15. M

    Network Connectivity Installation

    Hi. Any network connectivity installer/contractor interested in tendering for this type job kindly respond to this post for further information.
  16. T

    IT Qualifications and career advice?

    Hi all I am looking for advice in what IT Qualifications/path I should take, including career prospects and what career path I should take. I’m not sure where to start off with my explanation so I’ll jump right in to it. First off I would like to start off by saying I am very passionate...
  17. C

    ADSL Speed

    Can anyone explain the difference between the network speed of a VPN on ADSL vs. Direct ADSL. I seem to have sustantially slower up and down load speed on the VPN network, via my ADSL I have installed.
  18. P

    Network sharing turns off

    hi there guys I have a problem on my network with only one pc that does not keep its network sharing settings. the work profile only disables the network discovery option. but the public one disables almost everything this happens randomly and i cant access the pc all other pcs can...
  19. C

    Network testing

    Hi Guys, I am looking for the best free software tool that i use to test my network, can anyone give me advice please?
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Why it is legal for FNB to SIM-lock its smartphones

    Why it is legal for FNB to SIM-lock its smartphones FNB is not breaking any laws by locking its branded phones to its network.