1. B

    Need quote Randburg for commune network

    Hi I have a client in Randburg Gauteng. She needs someone to quote installing Cat6 Lan cables in 13 bedrooms to be used as a commune, from 200 mbps Fibre internet, 1 Wifi access point only, basic remote monitoring. Tenants will bring their own wifi routers. I am packing to move house so I can't...
  2. S

    How to Integrate Ubiquiti Security Gateway.

    Hello, Thanks for coming This far, I hope you can help me with Configuring my Network. A Little bit about myself, I've just started learning about Networking, I currently am a Software Developer, so my networking skill are not up to par unfortunately. I'm using this as an opportunity to learn...
  3. Pak Fui Fa

    Rain network down

    Hi Is the Rain network down in the Lenasia Area? No signal at all 4G and 5G
  4. RiceZA

    Ethernet Cabling question

    When crimping cables I've tried using a cutters/normal scissors to get each wire perfectly straight (could be me) they never the same length, I untwist them, put them into order and straighten them out then I cut them, feed the wires into the jack as far as they will go until I see a exposed...
  5. N

    RJ45 Plug - Urgent CPT

    Does anyone know where I can get RJ45 Plugs over the weekend? I'm putting in my camera's and just realised I'm short of plugs. Looking for 10/15. Happy to pay if anyone close to Sunningdale wants to be kind :)
  6. M

    PC and laptop invisible to each other on network

    This issue started a few days ago. Before that I was using the network for file sharing with no issues, and nothing changed that I'm aware of. Both are on the same WiFi network, running Windows 10 Pro OS build 19043.1083, and are fully updated. Both can see other computers connected on the same...
  7. D

    Which VPN are you using? What's the pricing?

    Hi guys I am looking to get a VPN to use for gaming, streaming region-locked stuff etc. Just wanted to know if you can suggest any. If you are using a VPN for gaming. What ping do you get for gaming? Which games do you play? Please drop your stats and advice
  8. Nivea

    iPhone not working on Vodacom netowork.

    Howzit guys, I bought an iPhone ( it’s originally from America ) from a guy I know and for some reason it won't work on Vodacoms network , in the settings it states the phone is not locked to any network but also says the phone is not allowed on Vodacoms network. The guy said it works on Cell C...
  9. oros

    Is it true that dual sim phones can't run both sims on 4g?

    Hi, recently heard that dual SIM phones can't run 4g at the same time. one has to be on 3g and the other on 4g. Can't be both on 4g. Is that true?Feels counter productive in the use of it, especially if you use 2 different networks.
  10. H

    mobile contract

    Hi there, i have been trying for over a year to get a mobile contract no network will give me one! please help me!
  11. oros

    Telkom totally down in welkom, anywhere else?

    Hi, telkom down in welkom since early this morning around 3. Couldn't use night data. Still down. Tried several devices, same story. Anyone else in the country? Can't even use roaming. Telkom useless once again?
  12. B

    2 x Cisco SG-200-26P POE Switches

    These are great SOHO managed POE switches. They have been rack-mounted in a server-room all their life. More Details I'm happy to sell them together or together. Age and condition: 6 years - used - fully functional Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded to new...
  13. G

    Fiber and LTE failover

    Hi all I am looking for a network setup for my office with the following requirements and am looking for some advice on a single component (or series of components that can help accomplish this). I have an MWEB fiber line installed and am getting inconsistent internet connectivity and it’s...
  14. oros

    Bad network coverage / bad speed

    Anyone with a Vodacom 4g internet modem that's struggles with bad speed and bad coverage? And do you also get bad excuses regarding towers in anyway when you complain?
  15. N

    Tiny Tower Spotted

    This recently popped up near my house in the South Coast KZN, Anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? At first I thought it was a network cell tower but its not very tall or big so what could it be?
  16. G

    Selective Routing on Asus RT-AC1200G+ for Google Chromecast

    I want to setup Selective Routing for our main TV and Google Chromecast on my Asus router using Nord VPN and have all the other device go over Wan as we have a Gaming PC and Xbox which need to stay on local IP's. Edit: I have heard of something about switching firmware. If this is true I will...
  17. oros

    pnp mobile newly launched service on mtn network

    Hi Have you guys seen the newly launched service from pnp that runs on mtn? anyone tried it? or experiencing issue with the service or the porting service to pnp mobile? I recently did, waited more than a week, then porting went through,but still can't it. I get the error that is "barred rica"...
  18. A

    ZYXEL VMG3625-T20A fibre router

    Item name : ZYXEL VMG3625-T20A Age and condition: +2 years, Excellent condition. Never used only open for pictures Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: I have better router that i use Price: R500 Negotiable: No Location: JHB / Benoni Shipping or collection: collection only
  19. oros

    Mtn or cell c coverage issues?

    Hi Anyone have mtn or cell c (as cell c uses mtn more these days as a roaming partner) network coverage issues in welkom or the free state or anywhere else? I only get "emergency calls only". I also tested my sim cards in a different phone. Not normal the reception.
  20. J

    The fastest network connection in South Africa that you can't get

    The fastest network connection in South Africa that you can't get The South African National Research Network (SANReN) is building out a fibre network that is capable of speeds in excess of 9,600 gigabits per second (Gbps). This massive network serves South Africa's academic and scientific...