1. NeonNinja

    Personal branding: 10 steps on how to market yourself for less than R1

    Mandatory comment: She's not doing a good job marketing herself (Spelling, the atrocious punctuation and sentence structure) but some good pointers. 1.Mingle The art of mingling or rather networking with people interested in things that are the same as you or even different will open...
  2. M

    Networking 2 routers

    Hi, I'm looking to get a static IP from my ISP so I'm getting a router that's able to establish the required VPN connection. However, I have an Asus AC-66U router (which, to the best of my knowledge, cannot establish a VPN connection) which I still want to do all my routing and networking...
  3. D

    How powerful does a CCTV camera server need to be?

    Can it just be like a consumer grade CPU i.e. an i5 or an i7 or would we need a xeon server to capture and render CCTV camera footage (This is a theoretical question)
  4. C

    Fibre - LAN

    Hi All! We're expanding our network and want to improve the network between our buildings. We currently make use of a Wireless bridge however, with the expansion of our network, this wouldn't be able to cope under the load in future. Any ideas - Cat5 cable is out, as we have HEAVY...
  5. N

    Configuring an old router to work as a repeater

    I am trying to get an old router to function as a repeater, but I don't really know how. My current router is a TP-Link w8970, and my old router is a Netgear duo pro 300wr (those standard white ones that came from telkom way back). Anyway, I don't really know how to configure the settings...
  6. C

    Advice on Fortigate firewall

    Hi All, Just a query - can anyone point me in the right direction to correctly config a FortiGate firewall. I've used it for 3 years now and it runs beautifully. However, we've had a new ADSL line installed and want to route traffic per Active Directory group (e.g. One group of users runs on...
  7. G

    Network cuts out every few minutes. Urgent help needed please!

    Hi all. Im really hoping someone can help me... In the past few months I have gone through almost 5 routers/modems/extenders. None seem to be any better than the rest. I used to use a pretty basic netgear modem. I only operated in 2.4 Ghz, and worked perfectly. Recently though, I've...
  8. R13...

    Cell C's Frequencies

    I notice that my Cell C SIM doesn't work in slot 2 of my HTC One dual SIM phone. So what frequencies do they use. Slot uses these, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 - SIM 1 & SIM 2 GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 - SIM 1 & SIM 2 On the phone.
  9. N

    Fibre: Something we might be able to achieve through home-owner associations?

    I read about this recently: Seeing as the Telkom monopoly is not going to end soon and that MTN and Vodacom would love to get in on the action and form a cartel where they still charge upwards of...
  10. G

    Powerline network help

    Been struggling like mad these past few weeks to get WiFi coverage throughout my home. Its a large double storey house with thick walls. Unfortunately, the modem cannot be moved from where it is. I have tried wireless extenders and they just won't work. I have bought top of the range Belkin...
  11. jes

    Our network is bigger, better, faster says Vodacom

    Our network is bigger, better, faster: Vodacom Vodacom says that its network offers higher speeds, better coverage and is more reliable than any of its competitors
  12. F

    QoS on a TP-Link WR743ND

    Hi, i've got a small home wifi network that has grown quite a lot recently and i'm experiencing some problems. I've got 3 Computers. One is basically online all the time, even some nights as well. The other two is used maybe 4 hours a day each. There is also two Cellphones that is always...
  13. JacquesOmeister

    Web proxy - being used or not

    Hi Everybody I want to know does companies still use web proxies? Most companies now use appliance firewalls and web proxies are chucked out the window...
  14. B

    Advice for new SECN Wifi Network

    Hi all, I recently received a Scoop ANT-O212 and Poynting WLAN-A0038 set and I want to put it up at my house so that I may have an extended private wifi network only for access to my internal network and MY internet connection. I want to broadcast my wifi network from my one house to the other...
  15. D

    Anyone familiar with hardware network test equipment? Spirent/IXIA/other?

    Our company is looking to buy some network test hardware. Currently we have requirements of testing a 10 Gbps network, across two test endpoints. Something like: Test endpoint 1 <-> LAN <-> router/gateway <-> WAN <-> route/gateway <-> LAN <-> Test endpoint 2 We would like to generate...
  16. H

    Home Network Monitor/Manager Server

    Hi I want to be able to manage all the connections to the internet at my house from one computer. The computer will serve as the connection to the internet, and all the devices in the house will connect to the internet through it. What I want to be able to do is see how much bandwidth each...
  17. droplet

    small office on wifi

    our office has two (netgear dgn 1000 and netgear dgn 2200). each router is on its own 6Mb line. we currently have two desktops that are connected to the one router by cable, and up to fourteen laptops that connect to the two routers via wifi. there are several (up to 16) smartphones that...
  18. T

    Offical Anime Debate!!

  19. B

    Hardware Issues

    I am having trouble with my uploading speeds and I'm unsure if it might be my onboard Ethernet that is giving the problems? When I use a wireless adapter the speeds seem to be fine, as soon as I go back to cable it just doesn't want to do anything. Would the most likely problem be the Modem /...
  20. T

    Are 3G modem dongles network specific?

    I am a social researcher venturing into the world of tech and would really appreciate some help and confirmation. Firstly, are mobile dongle's network specific? One of my research subjects is an unemployed young woman who uses a mobile dongle to connect her laptop to the internet. However, she...